Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hailey and Elora and "a twist"?

First a commercial:
For those of you living in Utah....
Dennis' daughter Kim will be on the program Studio 5, along with 2 of Kris' kids and their dog. Something about Halloween costumes. Be sure and watch tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 16th, at 11am, Channel 5 (KSL).

Is this just Elora's wording,
or have you heard of this before?

These girls live 3 hours apart but when they get together,
they always find lots to do.
Elora is 7 and Hailey is 5 years, 10 months.


Ammy said...

Have you ever seen the show Olivia on Nick Jr? Elora TOTALLY reminds me of Olivia..

Jill said...

No I have never even heard of it. I will try to find it. Thanks Ammy.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Ha, ha , ha. This is so cute. You just gotta love that Elora. Isn't she only in 2nd grade? How does she know what a twist is? She is what smart kid. Way to go Elora. I just loved how Hailey just stood there and took it all in stride.

Brock Heasley said...

Elora has been on a steady diet of the Twilight Zone lately. She gets very into each story, always looking for the big reveal or twist. Each 24 minute episode takes us about 35-40 minutes to watch because we stop it constantly to talk about what we're seeing and what the historical and moral context is. Great show to introduce a lot of difficult concepts to a young child to. We've watched all of Season One so far, and are part way into Season 3 now (Blockbuster Online doesn't have Season 2 available--I really need to just buy them. She loves the show that much). In the past week we've learned about the Civil War, Concentration Camps, the morality of killing during wartime and how important love would be in a world populated by only two people. But what Elora loves more than anything else is the twist. She's always waiting for that twist to come along and sometimes she even guesses it before it happens.

I'm curious to know what they came up with to fill out the story when they finally performed it.

grandmapeg said...

Jill...I'm sure you have heard this before and just forgotten it, but what would throw you off is a seven year old using that and knowing what she is talking about! Elora never stops amazing me with her maturity level. And those Twilight Zones were one of my favorite series!! And I just have to say that Elora and Hailey look like they are always having fun!! They are both so cute! And I saw Kim on Studio 5 this morning. She is so talented! It was a great segment and the kids were so cute in the costumes. Thanks for the heads up so I could watch it.