Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Carly and Jude

When I first saw baby Jude on Saturday I thought he looked familiar. Then when I went back later that evening I realized he looked like Carly (his mom) as a baby. So I went looking for pictures. I found a few and set them aside.

Then Den came home, found the little stack of pictures, and said to me from the other room, "Whose baby pictures are these? They look just like the new baby" (meaning Jude)

So there you have it. It's not just me who sees the similarity.
What do you think?

Newborn Carly 1984

Baby Jude, 2009
Just had to include this one, too.
My sister Peggy with Carly (her first baby). Oct. 12, 1984
Carly was 9 days old.
In my search today I also found these pictures. Carly, Colt, and Jake. (3 more siblings yet to be born)

1984-1986 was a busy time for cousins to be born in our family. (just as 2009 is turning out to be)
That's Julie far left, Carly climbing, Whitney to the right.
McKay sitting on top. Jake and Tyler in back of him. Colt on the trike. Grandma and Grandpas house 1992.
There were actually more cousins about this age who were not there that day.


grandmapeg said...

From the picture of Carly when she was a baby I can see the resemblance with little baby Jude,(how much did Carly weigh?) but in the older picture of her, I definitely see that her girls look a lot like her!! Cute pictures of her and all of the cousins! You must feel very blessed to have all of these pictures! You are the best journal and picture keeper I know of!!!

Eileen said...

YES! Jude looks very much like Carly! It's funny though, as much as they do look alike, she did have a very 'feminine' look as a baby, where Jude does have a very 'masculine' look. Can you see it?
And I think that about the twins too! As much as I think they look so much alike, Tea is definitely 'all girl' and Jonas is 'all boy'!

Loved all the other family photos too!
I was just going through some old family photos too with my kids, it's nice to reminisce, and also to look at the really old pictures of when my parents and even my grandparents were young.

Another great post, Jill!
All the best,

Jill said...

Eileen, I wish I did have pictures of my grandparents when they were young. Maybe just one or two, but I will look further. Maybe you could do a post on your grandparents as children?

Lisa said...

Nicely done correlation & comparison. They do indeed look alike! Very, very CUTE.

Richard said...

Love the picture of the kids in the front yard!

Kris said...

Oh, I definitely see the resemblance! It's amazing!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Wow. It is amazing how all the genes work out. I love the pictures of the 3 kids when they were little. I like that one of the cousins in the front yard but where are my kids? Wasn't Ashley and Lauren around then?

Jill said...

I don't know where Ashley and Lauren were that day. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe they were inside the house? It was a party after Carly's baptism.

Dad and Susan said...

We both love all these pictures. You do such a good job in sharing them. Love, Dad and Susan

whittle sticks said...

When people say "Who does the baby look like" I always think, it looks like a newborn, they all just look like babies. But whoa, Jude and Carly look soo much alike. Thank you so much for sharing.

Rebecca said...

WOW! That baby does look just like it's mom!

Princess Fluffybuns said...

Uh, how is it possible that Peggy has not aged since 1984?!

And thanks for sharing the Jake mullet picture--I almost forgot about those years.

Heidi said...

I see a definite resemblance in the forehead and nose, but the face shapes and mouths seem a bit different. And yes Jude definitely has a boy look while Carly is all girl. Thanks for sharing the pictures and for the lovely music in your other blog that I'm listening to as I write this.