Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A tribute to honesty

McKay drove last weekend to Billings, Montana with McKenna, a sweet girl he is dating now. While staying in her family's home...someone ran into his car late at night.

So they woke up the next morning ready to drive back to Provo,
to this:
But the amazing, incredible thing is, whoever hit his car left him a note! He was able to contact their insurance, and their insurance provided him with a rental car for 2 weeks. Plus their insurance is fixing his car or paying for it.

McKenna sent me a picture of the note, and while I would like to include it here, I wouldn't be able to block out info, so this is what it said:

"I am so sorry.
I spilled my pop, over corrected and hit your car.

My #__________

My name Jenni.


Policy #_________

We are all thinking it is totaled, but maybe not. What do you think? We bought him this car used from the missionaries here, right after his mission. So it has served him well for 4 years.

We are so thankful McKay and McKenna were not in his car when it was hit.

We are also so thankful the person who hit his car had character. I imagine Jenni (the car wrecker) has a good life. A peaceful life. Well maybe not so peaceful last Sunday evening.

So here are some pictures from their weekend trip:

McKenna holding her niece Hannah who was blessed last Sunday.
Does McKay look like a natural?
Well maybe not, but I know he has it in him.
He told me the morning after they arrived, McKenna brought baby Hannah into his room. I could tell he thought that was such a nice way to wake up.

The Montana skies.
He said they saw some beautiful country.

The rental car


grandmapeg said...

Craig said if the frame is bent then it is probably totaled. That was so nice of that young lady to leave all of the information. There are a lot of honest people in this world and so McKay really is blessed that she is one of them. I've seen Billings and Bozeman many times and you see nothing but sky in Billings and then you get to see some hills and mountains in Bozeman! Wow...that rental car is quite the car!! I'm sure they had a very comfortable ride back to Provo. Keep us posted on the outcome of 'totaled or not'.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Wow. This is amazing. I am glad there are people like her in the world.

Eileen said...

How honest of Jenni! Right now I'm saying a little prayer of Thanksgiving for people like her! And I wish her well, and your McKay and his girl too!
Great post, Jill!
Beautiful Montana sky!
I'm going to bed very happy tonight!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Praise that M&M were not in the car and injured, I imagine that Jenni may be feeling the effects by now. Looks like quite the jolt. I pray she is OK.

Dad and Susan said...

What a great heartening story. I guess there's a reason they call Wyoming "Big Sky Country." Did I ever tell you I had an aunt who was born in Wyoming who was named Wyoma? She was born in a lean-to in the late 1890s.

Jenni was a tender mercy.

Lisa said...

I love Montana and the people...well hey...if Jenni lives there it's all the more respectable.

Looks like a good match McKay n McKenna! Did I spell that right? It's fitting, ya know? Cool post.

Kris said...

Oh that's terrible to have your car smashed like that. What a surprise to see in the morning. I'm so glad to hear about this gal who was so honest. That is really good news. I hear he's driving a Lincoln! Wow!! Love the pictures with the baby. He's just so dang cute. Looking forward to meeting McKenna soon.

Sue said...

I love it every time the world gives me some evidence that there are honest people in it!

Thanks for sharing this.


kelly said...

Wow, pretty girl! That is so refreshing about the note left on the wrecked car too.

Heidi Garvin said...

I love the second picture of McKay holding the baby. Looks like he is making a face that says, "my baby! You can't have it."

Ammy said...

There are actually honest people who hit cars??? Just kidding...we have had that happen to us twice and no one ever left us a note. I don't think the car is totaled. It would be interesting to see if it is....keep us posted.