Saturday, September 19, 2009

An Awareness Test

This came from a friend's blog which I got permission to share. She heard Sheri Dew speak last night at Time Out for Women. The writing below is hers.

"Interesting, huh? This was meant to be an ad awareness test, but Sister Dew reframed it a bit by making this point: "What you focus on determines what you see." Her point is that if we focus on the world, we will not see the adversary and his antics. That's why we should focus on the Savior, not the world."

You can read the rest of her post HERE.


Kris said...

That is so interesting! Oh my goodness...I did not see that moon walking bear at first. What a great analogy Sheri Dew put together.

Mom of 3 Boys said...

I really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing it.


Sue said...

Glad you liked this, and thanks for linking to my blog. (I didn't see the gorilla, either!)


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

This was great. I think I saw the bear but it didn't register because I was too focoused on the people dressed in white. This was very thought provoking.

grandmapeg said...

I need to focus more on what I'm supposed to do because when I first saw this clip I was distracted by the moonwalking bear. Sister Dew made a great point. Thanks for sharing!

Susan Rozier said...

Hi Jill, I really liked the clip and even read Sheri Dew's talk, which I loved. She is always so "right on," and I love her focus on Christ. When I went to your friend's post there was another clip on it about sheep being slaughtered. I understood the part about the elevator, but didn't quite understand the whole sheep episodes. Thanks for adding some spirituality to my Saturday. I so look forward to your blog. Love, Susan

Mary said...

I saw that video about a year ago, and I did see the gorilla, but not until he had walked halfway through the group. It shocked me when I suddenly realized he was there, right in front of my eyes! It made me think of the teens I work with, who often don't realize the dangers they face until they are smack in the middle of a horrible situation!

Eileen said...

I did not see the moonwalking bear at all!
That's really scary how your mind can shut out so much that's going on just to try and focus on one thing.
And it's funny how others couldn't concentrate on what they were asked to concentrate on because of the distraction of the moonwalking bear!
It reminds me of what crime investigators say, if they have ten witnesses they will get ten different versions of what transpired during the crime.
Very interesting!
All the best,

Jill said...

Susan...that video you saw about the sheep was was put on their accidentally. It has been corrected and the right video is on there now.