Tuesday, February 3, 2009

They both want to be first.

My daughter in law, Amy, had yet another ultrasound today of the twins. They are still both head down!!! Her nurse practitioner said the babies keep fighting over who is going to be born first. Last ultrasound the girl was coming first, the one today showed the boy coming first.

The nurse also said the odds of both twins being head down, like they both are now, is very low. So this is very good news. And if they stay in this position Amy can escape having a c-section. Which also means that I get to be there for the delivery!!

Amy is 28.2 weeks but the babies are measuring 29 weeks so they are doing very well.
Here are their stats of today:
Girl: 2 lbs, 11 oz, heart rate of 133
Boy: 2 lbs, 8 oz, heart rate of 122

Logan took this picture of Amy after her appt today
Right off Logan and Amy's bedroom you can see the nursery "under construction"
I will be "unveiling" it here on my blog as soon as it is complete.
Amy says just a few days to go.
Don't you just love my drama?

What a blessing that they have this little room right off their bedroom.
Like it was just waiting all these years for the twins to arrive.

Notice how Logan is letting his hair grow back?
Amy wants him to look nice for the babies.


Brock said...

I hope Amy is able to deliver safely and with two healthy babies, but I have to tell you all a C-section can be a really wonderful experience too! I just pray she doesn't have to do labor and then a c-section.. that is brutal.

Jill said...

Good point, Erin.

Kathy said...

She is such a beautiful pregnant lady. I'm really praying she won't have to have a c-section. Can't wait to see the babies room on your blog.

grandmapeg said...

Amy is still looking pretty and so "comfortable" being pregnant with two! I hope she is able to do the delivery without the c-section. I agree with Erin, labor and then a c-section would be brutal. That's what happened to my niece. I love the nursery right next to their bedroom. That's less steps to take in the middle of the night :-)

Dad and Susan said...

We are getting excited! This has been a fairy tale in the making. Many more chapters to come, but hasn't the story been great so far? Love, Dad and Susan

Lisa said...

So. Exciting!!!!

Dennis said...

It's pretty exciting for us all.


kelly said...

After 4 c-sections I have to vote for a natural birth for her. I can't wait to see that nursery, how perfect to have it right there.

Rebecca said...

Exciting! I was surprised to see the girl baby is bigger than the boy baby. In the ultrasound, the boy baby's face looked like he would be bigger. Interesting and so exciting! Do they have two cribs yet?

Anonymous said...

yes have cribs

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