Happy Birthday Susan!

When I first began emailing with my dad's soon to be wife...
before I met her, she sent me this picture of "herself":
(And BTW, I'm sure this woman above is a very nice person,
just does not look like my Dad's type.)

For a few seconds I thought...what was my Dad thinking?!
So I learned right off that she DOES have a sense of humor!
Thankfully she does not look like this at all.

But if she did, we would still love her because...

She makes my Dad happy, and we are not only happy because he is,
but we love having her in our lives, too.

Susan is fun. She is an excellent listener, and laughs easily, so she is fun to share things with.

She loves music, family gatherings, books, people, chocolate, movies, traveling, home decorating...I'm learning more about her all the time.

I remember when Dad told me he was going to marry her. We all thought he was nuts. (Sorry, Dad) He did not know her very well...that was our concern. My mom had only been gone a short time. But I should have never questioned him. He has always had good judgment, so I should have known he would this time too.

I am so thankful he married Susan. She is filled with goodness. And somehow, someway she is able to keep track of all our lives. She knows what is going on with us and asks for updates.
She will never know how much her daily comments on my blog mean to me!
I find myself wanting to tell her things...because she cares, she listens,
and she keeps us laughing.

Have a VERY Happy Birthday, Susan!!
We love you!!


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Susan!! I am so glad I am getting to know you. You are really awesome. Anytime you want to "hang out" let me know.
Yes, happy birthday! It was such a pleasure to meet you last week.
What beautiful photos of the both of you. Indeed, you both look so happy! I hope you have a lovely birthday. Kathy
Anonymous said…
Ohmigoodness! What a special treat and surprise to be one of your birthday tribute blogs! Thanks Jill. I'm really appreciate all the sweet and nice things you said about me. I'm mostly glad that you guys are glad I'm helping your dad to be happy. It is a pleasure for me to do that because he is so funny, so thoughtful, and pleasant to be around. I've never regretted a moment of our decision to marry. You children have added to this pleasure by being so welcoming and accepting. The joy is all mine. I was "68 and Ready to Date" when I met your dad. Then I was "69 and Feeling Fine (or I Got Mine)" and now I'm "70 and in Heaven-ty."

Love, Love, Love, Susan
Rebecca said…
I don't know Susan, but after your post, I can tell she is someone I would like!
Lisa said…
I don't know Susan either, but that card was hysterical. You make me want to know her myself! But honestly, I sense the deep love she has for you through the comments I see from her. Your dad & Susan make a very handsome couple and look like the picture of joy! Happy Birthday Susan!
grandmapeg said…
Even though I have never met Susan, I can tell by what you have said about her and how much she loves your dad (and vice versa), that she must be pretty special. Your dad and you have both been very fortunate in finding love the second time around. I really like her little sayings regarding the different ages.
lindsay lark said…
What a wonderful addition to our family- happy happy birthday Susan!
Anonymous said…
Just for the record, men who lose their wives and then marry quickly afterwards do so because they were "happily married men". That's why they marry again right away. They loved being married. It's a positive sign.
Ronnell said…
I didn't know your Dad had married again Jill, I am so happy for him and tell Susan she is beautiful. Also, I like her name, my first name is Susan. :-)