Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Reflecting Weekend

Dennis and I went to the Redbank Cemetery here in Clovis tonight to see the flags they place on the graves of Veterans every Memorial Day weekend.

You need to click this picture to see the tiny flags on the graves.

We also visited family graves which are all very close together, beginning with my first husband's grave, and the father of my 4 sons:

My Mother's grave marker is still not in yet although we are told it is ready, thanks to my sister Robin's efforts.
For now, we have this:
Robin Groff, my niece passed away from leukemia just this past April 11th. Her sister Natalie filled in her marker with glitter last week. I thought it was such a sweet touch until we get her permanent marker in.
If you click this picture you can see the glitter.
And then of course our little Romey, my nephew passed away when he was just 18 months old:

Dennis and I listened to music on the way home from the cemetery tonight. We talked about all our wonderful blessings of this life. How this life is truly temporary and how we need to make the most of each and every day till this part of life is over, and we are back with these loved ones again.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this special insight. You are such an exceptional person Jill, and Dennis is a perfect match for you. What a nice touch to click on Robin's marker to see the glitter. It seems you think of everything. I so admire your creativity and thoughtfulness. Love, Susan and Dad

tyler said...

That's good you went out there. I also enjoyed the video of Elora a day or so back. See ya soon!

Rebecca said...

This post made me cry! It is so true, and why, I wonder, does it take loosing someone to have us learn how we need to make the most of each moment in life, AND to realize the things that are important, and the things that just plain old don't matter?