Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dr. Laura's email of the day

Had to share this.
Dr Laura read this on her program last week, which I just heard yesterday:

"I have always felt sorry for my sister. She has 4 kids, a 3 BD house, no career, and a sweaty hubby. I on the other hand was lucky. I had 1 kid, a career, a 4 BD house and a suit and tie hubby.

That all changed for me one summer afternoon I went to visit my sister. I watched her kids play outside with friends and eat homemade popsicles on the porch. I walked with her and the kids to the store for flour so she could make her husband's favorite dumplings for dinner. The whole way there all I could think was how bad she must have it. On the way back I saw a neighborhood full of kids riding bikes and playing ball. I could smell dinner cooking from the open windows of the houses we passed by. Later I left for home so I could feed my family dinner.

On the way home I stopped by our favorite take-out. As I drove past my neighbors' homes it looked like a ghost town; where were the kids playing ball; and no smell of dinner cooking. I came in and set the table when my husband walked in, looked at the bags on the table and said, "Oh...again?" I wondered if my brother-in-law was at home looking at his plate of dumplings asking, "Oh…again?" Suddenly all of the sights I saw earlier came flooding back, only this time I didn't see them the same way as before. I grabbed my husband and pulled him into the other room and before I could stop myself I shouted, "I'm quitting my job, selling this house and I want another baby." He looked at me with such relief. It's been 10 years; we have 3 children now, got rid of that big cold house and traded it in for a small house that we have made a home. I now catch fireflies, hold hands with my hubby and bake apple pies. My husband has become our hero. It gives him such pride knowing that we depend on his hard work.

I hope just one working mom hears my story and chooses to make a change. Being a housewife is not a degrading, thankless job that the bra burners wanted us to believe. I have more joy out of caring for my family now than I ever did sitting in rush hour traffic, being screamed at by my boss or neglecting my relationship with my husband. WORKING STINKS....stay home and catch fireflies."

For those interested, a Christian station near our area recently boosted their audio signal and is now broadcasting as far north as Fresno (California). It carries the Dr Laura program from noon to 3 pm each weekday. It is does not come in well inside my house but my car radio picks it up just fine. It is on AM radio 1180.

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