Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guess who's back?

Two nights ago I was doing some paper work when I heard a bunch of noise coming from the front porch. It sounded like Dennis was bringing some boxes towards the front door. Then the noise got louder and it sounded like he was throwing boxes at the front door. I kept thinking I should go look at what he was doing but I knew he would come in soon enough and tell me. Then I heard the shower turn on in our bedroom...wait a minute, how can Dennis be in two places at once??

I looked out the window to find an injured bird sitting right there on the ground by our front door, and feathers everywhere. Oh no, not this again. Den tried to get the bird to fly away and ended up scaring it into the bushes. (This was after his shower and he got dressed first.)

We also noticed an egg back in that empty nest. Perhaps that injured bird had just laid it there before another bird had attacked her. Whatever.

So the next morning Dennis calls from work to ask if I knew how the injured bird in the bushes was doing. I then looked out the window and said, "The bird's back in the nest!" Dennis got quite happy thinking that bird got better and flew up there to be with its egg. He said, "Well is it the mother or the father bird?"

Uh, how am I suppose to know that?
I'll spare you his answer.

Last night I called my granddaughter Elora, age 5, to tell her about the new bird since she was so concerned when the first one left. I said the bird was sitting on one egg.
She asked, "So the bird just carried the egg in her mouth and then spit it in the nest?"

Uh, no

"Oh so, she had the egg in her claws and then just dropped it in the nest?"

No, she had the egg inside her body and then just sat on the nest and it came out. (How'd I do?)

"Oh, I see!! "

So here we are:

According to my google research we have a 14 day wait.
Hope we don't have to play Circle of Life again for Dennis.


grandmapeg said...

You did pretty good with Elora and you do a great job storytelling! Hopefully this time you will get a baby bird hatched!

Anonymous said...

Ohmigoodness! Information was accurate. Good story! This is a fun part of our day. Thanks, Susan and Dad

The Gage Cage said...

Welcome back little birdy! I'm behind on touching bases with my friends! I loved the Utah Malls story with Dr. Laura. Such a great compliment.

I have another bird experience that was talked about by Sis. Lawrence in her scripture class. I think it was Brigham Young that backtracked a couple miles to give a Mom bird access to his barn. There was a nest inside and he wanted to be sure the Momma bird would be able to get back to feed her chicks. Very good Men care about the "one" and have great respect for life.