Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wonders of this past week #2

Things happen everyday that I either learn or notice, 
and I wish to remember....
so here are some from this past week:

1.  A good meal when we have a large group is make-it-yourself-
tostados. But this last time, I couldn't find the regular tostado shells 
I usually buy and bought these instead....and they were SO much 
better. I don't know about your store, but I found these right with 
the fresh tortillas (rather than in the Mexican section of the store.)

I also learned that shredded cabbage tastes better on tostados than 
lettuce! The clerk at Vons suggested this when they were out of the 
lettuce. She said I will never go back. I think she's right.

2. I see some of nephew Jake in my grandson Richie. 
Especially looking back when Jake was that age. Interesting how 
genetics work. 

3. Speaking of Jake, he gave me a good website for ordering 
special paintings and pictures of Christ. Cultural hall.com

4. Since both Logan and his friend Matt McCauley's wives were 
out of town last Sunday, Karen invited them over for dinner. 
Chandler too. What turned out to be a surprise to us, in talking to 
Matt about the house we will soon be moving into....he said he did 
the landscaping for it! He even said he would send me the plans so 
I would have them. And he did!

Chander, Matt McCauley, Logan

5. Karen and Tyler introduced me to an iphone app: turboscan
SO we gave it a try and took my Mom's 1st grade picture and 
scanned it using my phone. I could not believe how simple it was! 
And here all this time I thought I needed to spend lots of $$$ and 
buy another scanner since mine died many months ago.

Looking at Mom's teacher, Mrs Faye, Mom is 4th girl to the right. Looking at my Mom, 
her cousin Helen is 2 girls to the left. Interesting to me because Mom use to talk often 
how her cousin got all the nice clothes and curls and bows in her hair. The contrast is 
apparent in this picture with Mom wearing what looks like a zip up sweater and flat hair. 
Must have been particularly difficult for my Mom being the 2 cousins and their families 
shared a small house together!

6. Violet is old enough now to join us in our annual tea party with Elora, Erin and her mom. Our tenth year!

Our new little princess Violet decided to rest a bit,
until the manager came along and told her she needed to sit up!

7. Last week when Amy was in Utah, she sent this picture to Logan:
In reference to Jonas, Logan texted back:

8. I have a regret. When Heidi G was here this week she was 
talking about the bunkbeds Tyler and McKay had growing up. 
Bunk beds? They had bunk beds??

If I could go back in time I would take a picture of each of my 
sons on their birthdays IN THEIR BEDROOMS. I wouldn't 
clean up the room but just take a picture of them in it as it was. 
That would have shown a lot about who they were at those 
ages....surrounded by the things they love and the projects they 
were working on at the time. I wish I wish I had.

9. And my biggest worry of the week goes to Amy, Logan and 
Chandler. They left yesterday morning to hike Mount Whitney. 

No phone reception, no outside contact for 5 days. 
We won't know how they are until they return on Friday. 

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Susan Anderson said...

Glad the got home safe! (Yep, I'm reading backwards again!)