Saturday, May 2, 2015

Trying to cut our water by 36%!

I think these ducks are trying to figure out this California drought 
just like we are.

We woke up to find them in our pool this morning. 

They are still here and it's almost dark.

We aren't pro duck people, but we do feel sorry for them. 

Especially Dennis.
Maybe they just can't find water anywhere else.

He's warming them up some leftover rolls from Thanksgiving.
So they may be with us for awhile.

It's day two here of the mandatory 36% cut back of our water 
usage. We are still trying to figure out how in the world we are 
going to cut back that much!

We also don't understand why the people who live in LA, 
only have to cut back 16%. 

Or why those in Fresno, just 5 minutes from here, 
only have to lessen their water by 28%.

Meanwhile, does anyone know if it takes more water to use the 
dishwasher, or to wash the dishes by hand?
Google has conflicting opinions.

I'm putting a copy of the city letter so I can refer back to the chart...


Anonymous said...

Can't help you with the dishwasher since we don't have one, but of course you know about gallon and a half flush toilets and "If it's yellow, let it...." and buckets in the shower to catch wasted water to water plants, and turning off water while you're brushing your teeth and soaping up in the shower, and never let water "run" in the sink while you're doing other things, not hosing down cement... there are so many ways. But, it seems you do all these thing already, so you may be doing all you can.

Grandma Honey said...

So Darlene, since you are in Calif, how much do you have to cut back by?

Anonymous said...

I know these ducks and they have a preference for sardines and would like them served on a plate.


Anonymous said...

We're waiting to hear. I'll let you know when I know. It's actually a fun challenge. We could cut back a lot more. But, first of all, I say, Pray for rain!! And lots of it! Hopefully we'll be getting some drenching summer thunderstorms this year. Damian has been working all year on his swales to catch the floodwater when it happens. He put rain gutters on his house that empty into rain barrels. You wouldn't believe how much water comes off roofs, even in a light rain. A 55 gallon barrel fills up very quickly, which can then be used to water plants later. In a heavy rain, one barrel is definitely not enough!

Rebecca said...

Those ducks are lucky. They have their own pool and room service dinner to boot. They will stay for sure. It cracks me up that Dennis is warming rolls for them.
I lived in Calif in the 70's when we had extreme water conservation issues. I guess I was young but it was kind of fun for us back then, trying to conserve. I don't like to see the yards brown though, that part is sad. And what about gardens, can you have a garden?

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm surprised a duck would swim in a chlorinated pool. Did it stay in very long?

Grandma Honey said...

Yes, they are still here! We are sort of worried about the chlorine too, but I keep telling myself animals know what to do. I hope so. They mostly sit on the edge though looking at the water….but they do swim several times a day.

Heather Kirkpatrick said...

Poor ducks! What a challenge to cut your water by that much!