Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Inching our way back home...

Are we crazy? 
We are leaving temps like this:

And we are heading home to temps like this:

And the strange thing is, 
while we were in Oregon, their temps hit 100'!
Some kind of record breaking heat for them
And we got to be a part of it.

It was even mentioned a few times in church: 
"what a challenge the heat is!"
(How challenging can it be when it only lasts a couple days?)

But the day before we left, 
the temps went down to the 80s again, 
headed towards the 70s.

Along the way home tonight, we are staying at this hotel....
I noticed this poster in the hallway. 

The employees have all signed their names, 
but look at one of the signatures near the bottom.
One of the names has the last name of Heasley
...I wonder if she is related to my sons??

Heasley is NOT a common name. 
In any town, I rarely can find a Heasley in their phone book.

Before we leave tomorrow I'm going to ask about her at the front desk. 


Heather said...

That's too funny about the heat being challenging, it's all about what they are used to I guess! Although did you find that the high temperatures were harder to deal with in the humidity? I'm just guessing here, but it is more humid in Portland than in Clovis, right? I don't think it has gotten above 85 since we moved to CT but the humidity makes it seem much hotter! How neat that you found another Heasley, I hope you get to meet her.

Grandma Honey said...

I didn't notice any humidity Heather, but then Clovis is a bit on the humid side I think. Portland residents are use to blissful summer temps. But then I think they may pay the price a little in the winters with all the rain? I'm not sure. Rain sounds wonderful to me! I would trade our horrible air for rain any day.

Sue said...

I'll bet it's kinda sad to leave, but it's always good to get home, too.

Glad you had fun!


Darlene said...

Today it is 117! We are just getting ready to go in the pool to do our exercises. The water in the pool is 92 degrees. No, we certainly do not have the heater on. We won't be going in to cool off, that's for sure. It's not so fun exercising in hot water either. We didn't do them yesterday, so can't miss today. Oh well................

I'm sure you have enjoyed your trip to Oregon, and yes, it will be warmer when you get home, but I guess we all get used to our home weather, or at least we make do,knowing it won't be like this forever!!