Saturday, October 10, 2009

What grad students do for entertainment

People sometimes ask me what McKay is up to now that he has graduated.
More school.
More work.
But he has to relax, too. Take a look...entertainment Provo style.


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

That was funny. The things people can do these days with computers.

Kris said...

So cute of those two together! But I'm confused on how they did that. McKay, please share... :)

Lisa said...

Are those two funny or what?!! I'm struck by his calm demeanor and gentle voice. I think I would MELT in his arms. CUTE KIDS!

grandmapeg said...

Funny video clip. It is interesting what they come up with in their spare time :-)

Eileen said...

They are so cute together! This made me smile! Thanks!

And many heart felt thanks to you, Jill, for your generous comments to me on my last post.
I appreciate it so much.
All the best,

Eileen said...

Jill, I'm just back to let you know that I made the pork and it was delicious!!
My oldest son says he wants to get on my blog to thank all the bloggers who have been posting recipes because he's been enjoying so many nice meals here on the weekends! (They all loved your chicken recipe too, well, I think it was Amy's recipe).
My family said this pork was the best they've ever had!
I made pounds and pounds of it and there is nothing left!
Thanks again!
All the best,