Friday, April 30, 2010

Our little Camers on Fridays

I often get to pick up Cami from school on Fridays.
She makes me feel like I'm so important because she is always happy to see me!
As we walk to the car I'm always amazed at how many people know this little girl.  
I hear,  "Hi Cami!" from several different directions.

This is the look I get when I even mention her sister Elora!

She was more than happy to stop at the grocery store before going to my house.

Some of Grandpa Den's Vegetable Beef Soup!  (I make it---he eats it.)

 Elora taught her the excitement of the playroom!

 Did my sister hide something in here again?

 The afternoon would not be complete without a frozen cookie and watching 'Annie'!
Her little feet were moving to the music.

 She recognized we were almost to her house and she was squealing with excitement.
She knew Mommy and sister were getting closer. 

The reuniting of the sisters!  

 She missed her Elora, who stayed home from school with a fever.
Such a girly girl.
Never without her jewelry.  

 I hope you get well soon Elora!

It's hard from me to see you sick.
I'd rather see you like this:
Maybe next Wednesday.


grandmapeg said...

Your "girls" are so cute!!!!!!! Cami has such a pretty smile and I love to see the pictures where she shows such excitement! You can tell these girls love their Grandma Honey. And it is hard to see our grandchildren sick. I hope Elora gets feeling better soon.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

What a fun day. How lucky you are to have them so close.
Hope Elora gets better soon.

Richard said...

Hailey is not going to be happy to see Cami taking so many liberties in her play room...

Jill said...

Uh oh, that's right. I love how Hailey considers it her room.

Brock Heasley said...

I love how the ALL consider it THEIR room!! That is a successful play room!

Dad and Susan said...

Darling pictures of sweet Cami! She is such a delight.

Boohoo for Elora having a fever. Hope by now that's a thing of the past.

We miss your background color. What goes on the decision to remove it?

Love, Dad and Susan

Kris said...

Such cute pictures! She looks like she's not so sure about that vegetable beef soup! LOL I love that big smile of hers in the car on the way home!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

PS I love Cami. I am plotting my plan to get her. Ha Ha-don't call the police. She is so cute. I am also plotting on for Jude. Don't we just have the cutes relatives?

Jill said...

Kris...I know it looks like she did not like the soup :) but I had pulled it away so I could take a picture and I think I confused her. She ate every bite of it.

Susan...It's all about my mood. So you like the colored background huh?

Karen...I agree, we do have cute relatives!

Susan Rozier said...

So what constitutes a white background mood as opposed to a green background mood? Whatever. I'm always in the mood for your blog! Susan

Jill said...

Well Easter puts me in a green mood...or whatever color it was that I used that month. This month I may start feeling patriotic, so maybe red or blue.

Thanks Susan :)

Sue said...

Both of them are just so much fun. I hope Elora is 100% very soon.


Lisa said...

Cami has powerful expressions. I just love her SMILE and you can feel the energy of her SPIRIT! What a SWEETIE PIE.

I wish I had a grandma who would give me a dozen cookies while I watched my favorite movie!