Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Utah weekend

Kris and her Dad.
Kris and Kim will always be his little girls

Surrounded by some of his grandchildren.

Grandpa and Katie

I've always thought Jess looks like her Grandpa.


Can you tell I've missed him??

AND, on Saturday Grandpa got to see Robbie ride his 2 wheeler for the first time with no training wheels!

Dennis also got to see Karen (Tyler's wife) graduate from BYU, which was the reason for the trip.
Hope someone has pictures for me!


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I just love Kris and her family. I am glad Dennis got to see them. Can't wait to see the graduation pictures.

Dad and Susan said...

These are GREAT PICTURES!!! Did Dennis take your camera? He looks so happy and the kids look happy to be with Grandpa. Wonderful post. Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

I think Kim must have taken these. Kris sent them to me yesterday :)

Ry said...

We had a great time with Den, as usual. Thanks for letting him out for the weekend! We even used his excellent bike training services to train Robbie in the art of making a wide turn on his bike and getting started (always the hardest part).

When Dennis showed up to the soccer game on Saturday morning all the kids ran over and attacked him. It's obvious they all think Grandpa Shelley is pretty cool.

The only one here that doesn't like Dennis is our dog Mandy. She likes to treat his heels like a chew toy. I've only seen her consistently do this to one other person - my mother. Den and my mom are two great people, so I can only deduce that Mandy is simply a poor judge of character. Dennis tried to make friends this weekend by feeding her little pieces of grilled steak... she was happy to have them - then tried out his heels for dessert...

Thanks again for visiting Den - can't wait for the next time!

the Rich girl said...

I wish we could have spent more time with Dennis, but it was fun to see him for the time that we got to.

And there were so many pictures taken at graduation. Too many, if you ask me. (I guess that's what comes from not growing up with picture-happy parents. . .)

I'm sure some will make their way to you soon.

Rebecca said...

Well, I have a picture of Karen at graduation! Her and 600 others. Nicole's graduation was the same one as Karen's so I saw them call Karen's name and her walk up! Didn't see Dennis though, there were a lot of people there!

Sue said...

Nice work, Robbie! And a proud grandpa...


Lisa said...

Wonderful pictures! They all have HIS EYES. I hope someone has pictures of Karen's graduation too! What a cutie pie she is. I enjoy her blog. Dennis sure knows how to make beautiful posterity don't you think?

It's too bad that you can't find a way to tolerate the altitude. I have a hard time of it myself, just not as bad as you. Hope he returns quickly for your sake!

Jill said...

He did. He came home this afternoon!! :))

grandmapeg said...

It looks like Dennis had a great trip! It looks like the grandkids loved seeing grandpa as much as he loved seeing them. What a beautiful family! I can hardly wait to see some more pictures of his trip and of the "graduate"!

McKenna said...

I love Kim and Kris! McKay and I loved, loved gettting to spend a little bit of time with them and Dennis!!

Kris said...

It was wonderful seeing Dad again! It's always such a treat. Dad keeps us in good spirits all the time and we love him so much.

Lots of happiness going on...Karen graduating and the McKs being engaged! It was really special to visit with each of them again. Karen and Tyler seem to be doing so well and they are just so great together. And McKay and McKenna are just radiating! :)