Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Peanut Allergy

Last week my grandson Jonas, had his first and probably last peanut butter sandwich.  Within minutes he broke out in welts and swelling all over his face and arms.  Amy said it was so scary, and they made a mad dash to the store to get some Benedryl.

Jonas had allergy blood work the next day...Can you believe he didn't even cry when he was poked?  
Yesterday morning Amy got the call saying he is allergic to DOGS, CATS, and PEANUTS.  

I heard he looked 20 times worse an hour before these pictures were taken.  (over an hour after the Benedryl.)

So I had Miss Téa, while Amy took Jonas in for more testing this morning.  

 Amy said it was not easy holding him still for 15 minutes while the Dr tested him, but he never did cry.  I thought that was pretty incredible...especially as opinionated as Jonas can be.  

Maybe he just enjoyed having Mommy all to himself.

So, the allergy Dr said they need to get rid of all peanuts.  No more PB&Js for his 6 least not at home.  

Everywhere Jonas goes, so goes his Epi-pen, that he was given today.   
It will administer epinephrine should his airways get in trouble.  
He didn't react as badly to dogs, so for now, Boston gets to stay! 

And thankfully Jonas can continue enjoying his usual good life. 


grandmapeg said...

Oh that poor little guy! That reaction was sure a fast one! Our little Jacob is allergic to peanuts also, only he doesn't have that bad of reactions. I'm sure the family is relieved that Boston doesn't have to go...yet. I love the last picture. They look so full of mischief :-))

Luke and Nat said...

Please tell me how the toilet seat is still down? My kids can't even get near a bathroom door without being tempted to go into the's so frustrating...I wish they'd play innocently like this! ;)

Dad and Susan said...

Wow. One never does know what one will encounter in a day, does one?

So glad it wasn't more serious.

Yes, these little ones are busy beavers. What characters!

Love, Dad and Susan

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Poor Jonas. I glad they were at least able to figure it out so quickly. Too bad about peanut butter. I love that stuff.

Rebecca said...

oh no! Glad he is ok. One of my kids had an allergic reaction, it can be a scary thing. But maybe he will outgrow the peanut allergy?

Jill said...

Rebecca..The dr today said there is only a 20% chance he will outgrow this allergy. :(

darlene said...

What about his sister? Is she likely to be allergic as well?

Raven Rozier said...

Can he eat almond butter? That's what I eat. Most peanut butter has added soy and canola/rapeseed oils, 85% of which are genetically modified crops which cause all kinds of health problems, and, incidentally, are banned in Europe.

Jill said...

Very interesting Raven. I was telling Amy today that I had read that some believe peanuts are one of our most unhealthy nuts to eat. I didn't know it was because they are usually genetically modified.

Jill said...

We eat almond butter too...I wonder if that would work for him, or at least for his family...

Natalie said...

Oh, so sad! What a little trooper, not even crying at the needle! And all those hives, so so sad. So glad he is okay. What a sweet face he has, even all puffy.

Justin and Courtney said...

I am happy for him and for his mom and dad and grandma and his friends.

darlene said...

I'm sure almond butter will be ok. They are not related. Also, my understanding is that peanuts (and grapes... or raisins) are the two most highly sprayed crops there are, so we need to always buy them organic.

Sue said...

My sister is allergic to peanuts and other nuts and has to carry an epi pen, too. It's hard to have allergies like that when you eat out, because a lot of times you can't even eat things that don't have nuts in them because they've been cooked or mixed in pans that do. is fortunate that they have the magical epi pens to protect our loved ones, isn't it? And he will become an old pro at avoiding reactions as he grows older (like my sister is).


PS. My son had that testing, too, when he was young. He was allergic to a lot of plants and we got him those allergy shots that desensitize you. It seemed to help him quite a bit over time.

Rebecca said...

That would be hard to be allergic to Peanut butter! I know at my kids school they have the "no peanut butter" table in the lunch room for those kids with allergies! Almond butter would be a great substitute.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Poor little guy! I've been catching up on your posts and all the photos and videos. The twin are getting so big. Where does the time go?

Eileen said...

Poor baby!
That's very common, I know it must be very prevalent as Jayden's school is a 'peanut-free zone'. NO ONE can bring any peanut products through the door!
When my youngest son was in elementary school there was a little boy that was very allergic, he was so bad that his throat closed up and his Mom had to run up to the school with the Epi pen all because the boy was in the same room with peanut butter (they were making a bird feeder and used peanut butter, he wasn't near it, didn't touch it, but I guess breathing it in was enough). So I applaud Amy for making their home a peanut-free home!

I've been without computer service all week, we finally changed services, there were too many problems with the other service and they provided absolutely no customer service! So hopefully this one will be better.

I have lots to make up here again, so I'll be back later to read.
All the best to you,

Anonymous said...

THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE. Our 5 year old grandson was diagnosed at age three months to have allergy to egg (mom was nursing) At first he got a severe rash, huge hives and eczema and his skin peeled/hair fell out. We always carried an epi-pen and liquid Benadryl. Became experts at reading labels as there are many variations of 'egg'. He could not even hold an egg such as at Easter to color.
He would have various testing every six months. Perhaps one test would indicate an allergy when the other would not. FINALLY last month, all tests came back OK so he underwent an egg allergy challenge test which took hours and hours. HE PASSED!

It will take months (mini-bites at a time, days apart) to gradually introduce foods with egg.

Please, everyone, keep praying for Jonas to overcome this allergy.

Lisa said...

The early bird pics were something out of the Ozzie & harriet Days, Mayberry Town, a sort of blast to the past. SUPER COOL.

That was really sad to see Jonas like that, but he sure is a TROOPER! He has real character you know what I mean? I'm really glad the dog got to stay. I think dogs are the BEST for growing children.

Here's to a speedy recovery for Jonas!