Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some people are just nice

I have a hard time spending money.
So I often second guess myself on what we need.
Impulsive, I am not.

We had been thinking for a long while about replacing the blinds on the 7 windows in our family room/dining area. I bought them with my first husband over 13 years ago. They had a 10 year warranty and for good reason. They began falling apart after that.

So I call Wes, in our ward. He is an elementary school principal.

Wes also sells and installs window coverings.

We originally had an appt with him a few weeks ago. It was to be the morning after McKay flew to DC alone, and all night long. I had literally been up till 5am that night. That's what I do when my kids travel. This is why I prefer they travel during the daytime.

So I was too tired to talk about blinds the next morning, and canceled with Wes. He was very good about it.

This week he came to measure.
We chose our shutters, we chose the color, we chose the frames.
He even takes us to 2 houses so we could see our shutters and how they will look.

Dennis and I both had meetings the next evening, so he waited until 8:45 to come back and seal the deal with us.

Wes went over everything in detail.
And he said at least 3 times to me, but in a very nice way, "Now once I go home and email your order in, you can not change your mind."

I said I would never change my mind.

He said he could hold my order for 3 days and then send it in, so I would have 3 days to be sure. Would I like that option?

"NO, I do not need that option. I know I want this. Go ahead and email our order in as soon as you get home," I told him.

Wes gives me the pen to sign the order, to make it final.
I look at Den. He looks at me.
Then Dennis says, "Here, give the pen to me. I'll sign it."
He looks back at me, "You are sure, right?"
Yes I am sure.

Den signs the order. Wes says goodbye.

Less than one minute after he walks out the door suddenly it occurs to me that I have only seen the color we chose for the shutters in the evening light. I have never seen this color in the daylight hours.

So I said, "Hey Den, now I have not changed my mind... But we have never seen the color we ordered in the day light....Would you call Wes and just tell him not to email our order in until tomorrow evening?"

My ever to be patient husband was not so patient.
He said no.
Even Den has his limits.

I called Wes and told him myself. He said sure.

A few minutes later, I think it was near 9:30 or 10 and the phone rings.
It's Wes again.
He said, "Are you in bed yet?"
I said, "No."
"Okay then, I have a great idea. I am going to bring you one of our shutters. Then you can see what it will actually look like in your house."
So here it was about 10 pm and in walks Wes carrying his shutter.
Talk about good business. He already has me sold, even before I got his product.

Now I am trying to find his wife Allie, so I can bring back her missing shutter.


Dad and Susan said...

Jill, You are so funny! Heidi wants to know why, if this guy is a school principal, does he have time to sell shutters on the side? How exciting to get all new shutters. I'm sure they'll look wonderful. How long does it take to get them? Love, Dad and Susan (and Heidi)

Aunt Karen said...

Sounds like someone needs a whole roll of tape. Ha Ha. Glad everything worked out. He sounds like a nice guy. Wish he was my principal.

Rebecca said...

ohhhh, this sounds like me. I will have to do a post on something very dumb I did a few weeks ago, John just shakes his head and rolls his eyes........

Mary said...

Gotta love that OCD! You'd think we'd outgrow it or something...

Richard said...

Traveling kids may keep you up at night, but do you know what keeps a salesman up at night??...customers like you! :)

grandmapeg said...

I can't believe that Dennis actually said "NO" to you!! He's not a BIG BABY, afterall (it's called tough love) Actually I'll bet he would have given in eventually though because he's such a nice guy!! You'll have to take a picture and post it when you get the new shutters!

Anonymous said...

Jill and anyone else who wants/needs to know. I really messed up and deleted my whole enitre blog. I feel so sick about it. I really loved that blog. Anyway, I have decided to start over again and when I did that I had to have a new address. It is now
I hope you and everyone will come over and visit and leave a comment or two. Thanks, Karen Mortensen

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Jill, I love your new background. Way to go. I am proud of you.

Kris said...

Wow shutters, new layout background for your blog... fabulous!

Lisa said...

Good luck trying to hunt Allie down. She's busier than a bee hive. That looks nice by the way. NICE choice!

Kathy said...

First of all your new background for your blog is really cute. Secondly, I think Richard's comment is hysterical. OCD aside, having worked in the design industry for six years I would say that your gut instinct to see the shutter in the daylight was spot on. Lighting makes a huge difference in the the way the color will look, that's why good designers leave you with samples. That way you can see if you like the product in all times of day. Your friend does sound like he is well trained in customer service, which is a huge plus for both of you.

Heidi Garvin said...

This definitely sounds like you! I'm pretty sure that those are the EXACT same shutters my mom has right next door to you. At least they look extremely similar. She had them put in right before Brett's wedding a few years ago and she absolutely loves them! I think they will look stunning in your family room. I love the new look of your blog, by the way. Tres chic!

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

I love your new wallpaper. I need to figure out how to change mine. Love the shutters!

Susan Rozier said...

Jill, Yesterday, while Heidi was here, I checked your blog and made a comment. Today I checked it again and saw that it was the same blog, but the background was all jazzy and impressive. I tried to comment 3 different times (starting anew each time) and wasn't able to get "it" to go through. So, just now your dad brings it up. I told him of my frustrations. He clicks on the comment section and up it pops! What is going on here? The changes are awesome. Love, Susan