Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pictures of Chris

Some of you may have noticed a comment on my post a few days ago...(the one about Amy's 3D ultrasound)...from a woman, Mitzi, who just found out about my brother Chris' death last summer. Today she very kindly sent me some pictures of Chris that she found.

These were so nice to receive today, especially since my Dad got Chris' autopsy report back from Thailand yesterday. I have not found the courage to read that yet. Maybe someday.

First, here's a little note from Mitzi:

"I scanned some pix I had of Chris and thought I'd share with you. These are
mainly from our time in Alaska and then one is from a few years later when he
visited me in Oregon. It struck me how happy and carefree he looked in all
these photos. This is how I remember him.

Here is Chris waiting to go on a flight seeing excursion around Mt. McKinley.
This one was taken on the Oregon coast. 1996 or 1997
Road trip... that's Mitzi with him.
Camping with his friend Stuart

Below in Fairbanks, Alaska


grandmapeg said...

Chris was sure the traveler, wasn't he? He sure had an abundance of friends from what you've shared on your blog. This will be a nice post for your dad to see.

Susan Rozier said...

Thanks Jill for sharing these great pictures. It was a real treat for your dad. Love, Susan

Kris said...

How sweet and thoughtful of this girl to send these to you. He does look very happy in them.

Anonymous said...

Love all these pictures. That was so nice of her to send them. It seems like Chris had a lot of good friends.

Mary said...

It's amazing how the Lord arranges these things to happen just when we most need them. Mitzi was His angel to send these pictures when your family needed that blessing. Chris does look so happy--just as he'll look when you all meet again after this earth life!

Kathy said...

It's still so hard to believe he is gone, so much life in these photos.

Richard said...

It's good to see Chris like we remember him.

Lisa said...

The pictures are really really nice depictions of your brother. Isn't it interesting that the timing of these pics and the autopsy?

It's hard to know what to say since this is such an emotional thing. He seems like such a wonderful and kind person with a sense of adventure.