Friday, February 13, 2009

The Cooking Contest

Wednesday night we had a "Top Chef" contest with the Young Women at our church.

Did I forget to mention that I have a new calling? I am back in YW's as one of the counselors. (By the way, Young Womens is for all girls ages 12-18 in our ward. We teach lessons on Sundays, and meet every Wednesday for activities.)

So the girls were split up into 3 groups. We all had the assignment to make something with a heart shape, being sent to 3 different houses to accomplish this.

We met back at Anna's home (our YW's president),
and the judges were the old presidency (as in former presidency)

Miranda, Diane, and Gina

Here's what we all came up with:

Group #1
Heart shaped PB&J sandwiches
Crackers with heart shaped cheese

Group #2
Heart shaped PizzaGroup #3
Heart shaped 7 Layer Dip

I was in Group #3 which we made at my house...
and just so happens we won first place!

(BTW, I'd love to show the girls,
but since they are minors, I thought I better not.
I try to only show minors if I'm related to them.
Then they have to put up with me :)


darlene said...

Couldn't you just ask their permission to photograph them and post the photos? (I'd love to see the girls!)

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Congratulations on winning and your new calling. You will be so good with those girls. They are lucky to have you.

Lisa said...

VERY VERY CLEVER!!! That is one of the best ideas I've ever heard of for an activity! VERY COOL!

That would have been a DIFFICULT choice for me. I love PBJ's & those crackers with hearts are TOO cute! My favorite snack btw. The PIZZA great! And the DIP is surely UNiQUE! What talented YW we have, huh?!!!

NICE to SEE! As my niece likes to say...." I HEART YOU!" I think that's a BYU thing. I went online to their bookstore because they were advertising SALE, and that's what the sale was. I HEART YOU in a great variety. I HEART BYU. It takes all kinds I guess! Happy Valentine's Day!

Kris said...

Wow...I didn't know you were in young women's. It's sure a busy calling, but one I know you will do so well with. Our stake yw president told us in a presidency meeting one day that when she was first called, she didn't feel very qualified because she was the mom of 4 boys and no girls. Not too long afterwards, she realized that this was perhaps one of her greatest strengths- to be a mom of 4 boys. What a great perspective that offers when speaking to the young women and helping them. Isn't that wonderful?

What a fun activity!

Rebecca said...

What a fun activity! I liked all the creations. The pizza was amazing!

Kathy said...

What a great opportunity for you to use your talents to mentor these young women. You go girl!

grandmapeg said...

All of the food looks great and what a fun activity! All of the girls were creative!!

Dad and Susan said...

What a creative activity! I bet you love being with the young women. They have such exhuberence. You're perfect for them! Did you get to eat the art work? Love, Dad and Susan

T said...

I'm so glad you are keeping the tradition alive!! I was happy to be part in starting it and the girls have learned so many new kitchen skills... not to mention recipes. I was surprised at how little (or no) cooking many of them did. Do you know about the recipe binders?

Jill said...

No I don't know anything about the recipe binders Tina. Are we suppose to be printing out the recipes each time for the girls to save? I love this Top Chef idea. Hopefully we will be doing this often. What a great way to introduce the girls to new recipes and how to cook. It is sadly becoming a lost art, yet we still all need to keep eating. We all seemed to really enjoy that night. Interesting to, is the girls all chose main dishes. They are looking for real food. I'm glad you had a hand in starting this tradition!