Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This one's for Elora

I was remembering a conversation I had with Elora last year about this time, when she was 5. I looked it up in my journal and sure enough it was there. I want Elora to someday have this, so here it is for memory sake.

First a few pictures down memory lane.

Uncle McKay and Elora
McKay is the only one who won't be home for Thanksgiving next week :((

"Conversation with Elora, age 5
Nov. 9, 2007
I was driving her to my home after picking her up from school.
Elora: My sister broke her leg.
Grandma Honey: What?! (in shock)
Elora: Cami broke her leg and it is really bad. It is swollen and red and it is so bad.
Grandma Honey: Oh you mean, she had her muscle biopsy yesterday. So how is she doing?
Elora: Not very well. She can’t crawl. She can’t walk. She went to Frans San Cisco but she broke her leg after she got home.
Grandma Honey: She did? She really did break her leg?
Elora: YES! Her leg is broken! It is BROKEN! It is SO bad!
Grandma Honey: Well why didn’t anyone tell me this?
Elora: I don’t know. But it is so bad. Poor Cami with her broken leg. I saw it and it is red and so so swollen. (She shows with her arms and hands how swollen it is).
Grandma Honey: That is just terrible. (not sure what to think)
Elora: My parents tried to buy a baby wheel chair for her on dot com but it costed too much money. So they found one at Toys are Us.
Grandma Honey: They did? They bought her a baby wheel chair?
Elora: Yes! They bought a baby wheel chair at Toys are Us. At first they didn’t know Toys are Us has baby wheel chairs but they found one there for Cami.
Grandma Honey: Well that is nice (figuring Cami must have really broken her leg because Elora was so convincing)
Elora: She has to stay in the baby wheel chair for 55 days. 55 days!! She doesn’t need her high chair anymore. She just eats in her baby wheel chair.
Grandma Honey: Really? She even eats in her wheel chair?
Elora: Don’t tell my mother I told you this.
Grandma Honey: Why?!
Elora: Because I’ll get a time out.
Grandma Honey: Why would you get a time out? Did you break Cami’s leg?
Elora: No, I didn’t break Cami’s leg. But every time things go crazy at my house I get a time out.

So I was anxious to ask Erin how Cami was doing after I brought her home a few hours later. She said she was fine…getting into everything as usual. Didn’t even need any pain meds after the muscle biopsy she had on Thursday. And the more I thought about Elora’s story…it came to me that if Cami needed a baby wheel chair, wouldn’t they just use a stroller for that??"


The Gage Cage said...

You must giggle all the time with Elora around. She's a silly, adorable, smart little thing.

Brock said...

I just read this blog to Elora and she giggled all the way through it. She says she remembers telling that story and she thought it would be a funny joke. She says she wants to keep this story forever because it is still funny.... Remember our deal, Jill, I won't believe what she says about you if you don't believe what she says about me!!

Anonymous said...

This is too cute. What an imagination Elora has.

Lisa said...

I was told by an occupational therapist that children who make things up & take the wrappers off crayons are super intelligent children. What a great story and to think Elora remembers & still thinks it's funny cracks me up!

I remember Jacki had a fake friend named Jessica. The scream & sobbing that occurred one day as we were coming off the freeway-"Oh NOOOO!!!! sob. sob. sob. Jessica just flew out the window!!!!!" That was the end of her imaginary friend. Kids.

Jill said...

LISA...I think Jacki takes the prize for having an imagination! And to think she is now in law school!

Elora's dad use to take the paper off his crayons...never knew that was because he was super intelligent. He is, just never knew the crayons were a sign. :)

Dad and Susan said...

This is so funny! I especially liked what Erin said about her not believing what Elora says about you if you don't believe what she says about her. I'd love to hear some of Elora's stories about you! Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

Oh oh, never thought of it that way...I wonder if she ever talks about me.

Kathy said...

L.O.l. When Amanda was two or three she had an imaginary friend named Lalo. I thought it was very funny, but a friend said she thought Amanda needed a psychiatric evaluation. I was mortified. Eventually, we didn't hear anymore about Lalo. Of course, now we all know that Amanda is brilliant and imaginative, I don't know whatever happened to that friend. I love the way kids process stuff. Kathy

Dennis said...

Heck...Elora and I talk about you all the time.


McKay said...

I love that story! Makes me laugh every time.

Dennis said...

My favorite song is "I left my heart in Frans San Cisco."


the Rich girl said...

I love these Elora stories! They always make me laugh.
Whenever I open your blog, and see that it is about Elora, I know automatically that I am in for a treat.

kelly said...

I just watched Willow (the movie) and there is a very cute baby in it, a princess named Elora. I had forgotten that. I love this story, especially the part about time outs and when things are going crazy at her house. Too cute.

Jill said...

And that is just where they got her name...from the movie Willow!