Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I knew this was going to be good
as I watched Tyler's girlfriend Karen
fold the napkins, turn the goblets up side down
and put the relish tray together like art work.
She works for BYU catering, and it shows.
Left to right:
Karen, Tyler, Logan being camera shy again, Amy, Austin,
and Amy's mom Karen.
Amy and the twins are a growin' at 18.4 weeksLogan has never liked the camera.
Even as a little boy he would not smile while it was on him.
Another thing, when I hugged him tonight I can really tell he has been working out.
Oh what muscles!!!
BTW, he shaved his head right before dinner.
He has never in his life been this bald, even at birth.
I know, I was there.

See Logan as a baby...
put a beard and mustache on him
and he would look just the same as today!
Brock and Logan 1979
And while I'm at it,
here is Logie on his first Thanksgiving with his Grandpa H

Showing off Austin and his fabulous hair.
He says he washes it everyday, complete with hair rinse.
It is so clean, it glistens!We sure missed the rest of our family.
McKay called live from the Talmadge building on campus.
He was there DOING HOMEWORK.
He said he was the only one in the building. (duh)
He was waiting for a friend to come pick him up
as they were heading to the hospital to visit a friend.

Ended with Karen and Tyler reading a bedtime story.
Aren't they cute?!
Our ending anyway.
Den and I went to bed,
and they went to Brock and Erin's to borrow a movie.

And please note...
It is unanimous....we all LOVE Karen!


grandmapeg said...

The table looks beautiful. It looks like you had a very nice Thanksgiving. Amy looks the picture of health and looks so cute pregnant! Austin is handsome as ever and maybe he should share a little of his hair with Logan although I do like the bald look with the beard that Logan has. I love the baby pictures of him but especially the one with Brock.

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

I'm putting grandmapeg on my "favorite people" list, its takes a lot to like this head. Anyway, for all the readers out there, the yams were great, cooked just to perfection with the right amount of sugar. And there was this new girl there too, she was neat. Not quite sure who she was, but Tyler sure seemed to like her.


Dad and Susan said...

Thanksgiving is enjoyed only if you have family present. That's why we had so much fun on the cruise because we had Scott, Kim, and all the kids plus many friends. We had a good time too. We're so happy you had such a good one. Fresh new memories for this time of year Jill. Love you, Dad and Susan