Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Malls in Utah

Back in the mid 1980s, I would often listen to the radio while nursing my babies to sleep. There was this one station I could get out of LA if I waited til it was dark and if I tuned the radio in just the right direction. It was the Dr. Laura show.

No I do not agree with everything Dr. Laura said back then, or all she says now.
Yes I do realize she is very controversial. She also can be quite thought provoking.
I like that.

Listeners call in with their various problems and Dr Laura preaches morals, character, and taking responsibility for one's own life. She preaches taking the higher road, doesn't matter to her if it's the harder road.

I also listened to her when Fresno use to carry her program back in the 90s. I would have her on in the car each afternoon when I would pick up my boys from school. Then one day she disappeared from this town.

Dennis heard several months ago, that I could possibly get Dr. Laura back using "streaming". He looked into that, purchased me an IPOD, and taught me how to download her program each weekday.

So I listen to her when I do housework. I listen to her when I can't sleep at night using a headset. Den and I listen to her on long road trips. I find her inspiring and enlightening most of the time. Other times I find her rude, harsh and egotistical. But she is never boring.

This week one of her calls was especially interesting. It was from a program taped from May 1st. A mom called in about her daughter's school teacher. Apparently two kids in this sixth grade class were bouncing on their chairs and the teacher lost it. She cried and accused the class of treating her like a clown. Dr. Laura thought the teacher just had a bad case of PMS perhaps, and was also tired of discipling misbehaving children. The mom that called in thought that this teacher crying to the kids should be brought to the attention of someone. Dr. Laura thought this mom should concentrate more on the behavior of the kids. The mom hung up obviously angry at Dr. Laura's advice.

After they hung up, Dr. Laura went on to say (and I quote):

"Just walk anywhere in public and you will see most kids out of control. I'm always amazed when I see well behaving children. You know where you can be guaranteed to see well behaving children? Any big mall in Utah. Best behaved kids. They really are because they are brought up with respect for authority and with self discipline. Makes a difference."

I've only been to Utah twice in my life and only once to a mall there. So I wouldn't know. But I found her opinion interesting. Especially coming from a non LDS, non Utah living person. Back in the 80s I remember she did not speak too kindly of larger families. I think her opinion has changed.


darlene lester said...

I've enjoyed hearing Dr. Laura grow and evolve over the last 20 years. She used to be a radical feminist, and she lobbyed for gay rights. She used to be against homeschooling. She used to be an atheist. Now she's a religious person, homeschool supporter, and she calls feminists "feministas". I do love that she passionately tells women to stay home with their children and raise them themselves. What a concept!! She is a true advocate for the good of children. I like that.

Anonymous said...

Amen to what Darlene Lester said!

What you sent me via email did help me to get the picture on the blog, but I still had to "improvise" to get the writing in sort of a proper place. Yikes, this is a challenge to me, but I'm still wanting to proceed. Comments so far from my kids/grand
kids are positive that I'm cool enough to be blogging! Now if I can just master it. Love, Susan

Kathi said...

We live on the East Coast and have had positive experiences by our label as "Mormon". My children's classroom teachers always point out that they can tell who the "Mormons" are in their class, because they are the respectful and well behaved ones. Discipline means "to teach" so it should be used as a tool to instruct children by teaching them proper behavior.

I always appreciate hearing positive comments -- especially from nonmembers. Thanks for alerting me (and the LDSMOMS group) to Dr. Laura's kind words about us. :-)

Listowner LDSMOMS

Rebecca said...

Gosh if the kids here in Utah are good, I really would hate to see them else where. I was just at the Mall today, and the kids all seemed out of control, then again, maybe I am just getting old?