Saturday, February 18, 2017

My wonders of the week #9

1. Earlier this week when Dennis went out to get the newspaper 
he noticed something by it but couldn't figure out what it was. 

We are pretty sure we have never received a gift from a newspaper 
person before. As in never in our lifetime! 

As I looked it over I could tell it's homemade. I can't get over the 
sweetness! I don't even know our paper person but I'm thinking it's 
probably a she, right? And how do we find her to thank her??

I guess I better start by calling the Fresno Bee. 

2. I think I may need to take a class about being mindful, or in the 
moment. Last Christmas, which was only a few weeks ago right? 
Somehow, even though I obviously opened this gift, 

it did not register in my head because a few days ago 
I found these and got so excited!! 

I love them and put them right on our fridge.  

I put a few in my scanner so I could show you, but let's just say 
refrigerator magnets don't work well in the scanner. 

I much prefer McKay's head on his shoulders.
McKenna is still gorgeous, even with a high forehead.

 3. Many of my extended family from way back, is from North 
Carolina. So earlier this week while I was looking for some info I 
opened one of my Mom's old binders up, 
and look was is at the bottom of the first page.

I was struck by their state motto.
Are people not acting real there in North Carolina?

4. Dennis received a late birthday gift from Karen and Tyler a 
couple days ago. He knows how interested Den is in his life and 
even in his daily schedule so he made him a chart. 
I deleted some of the times, respectful of their privacy.
Actually for the fridge and one for his office.
This makes both of us very happy. Can't explain it, but it does.

5. My Dad has a cold this week and sounded terrible on the phone 
so we opted not to go visit them this week. 

I was feeling fine while talking to him but an hour later I was sick 
too. I must have picked it up over the phone lines. Who knew. 

Good thing I had this good recipe from my Allrecipes magazine.
I just put it in the crockpot one day and went back to bed. 
If you don't have any cooked chicken lying around, you could be 
like me and add 3-4 frozen chicken thighs instead.
I also added some garlic and a little fresh ginger to it.
(ginger feels SO good on your scratchy throat)
I've also added other vegetables and it's always good.
We opt out on the noodles.

I think we all could use some sunshine 
to get our Vitamin D levels up. 

The price we have to pay to have all this 
much prayed for rain in California!


Karen Mortensen said...

Hope everyone is feeling better. Great story about the newspaper.

krheasley said...

I love Allrecipes. I didn't know they had a magazine! That's awesome!

Scrapally said...

Feel better soon! Maybe someone else made you the gift and left it by the paper to make sure you would see it. Just a thought. I can't imagine a paper carrier making something like that - for all his/her customers? Love the pictures, especially after scanning! ha ha.

Grandma Honey said...

Good point Allyson, and we thought of that...But we thought if it were anyone else they would have brought it to the porch and not risk us driving over it. Also at Christmas the paper delivery person (what do they even call them now) sent us a Christmas card. So we sent them a little money though the mail. So we thought maybe the Valentine gift was sort of a thank you for that? Also I quit the Fresno Bee when we first moved here and now we are temporary subscribers through a really cheap promotional. Maybe the paper person wants us to re-subscribe? But I'm glad you brought this up because I'm going to do some investigating and find out if where it came from so I thank the right person.