Friday, February 10, 2017

What it's like to be 7 1/2

Why sit with the family when you can sit up at the bar by yourself?

The grandparents go outside for 5 minutes 
to get the mail and you break the lamp.

This sort of thing just happens when your brother hits it 3 times 
with the your stuffed animal. 

Or if you're the brother the story goes like this, 
"It was an accident."

Since Grandma Honey sets the table the night before... 
(Grandpa lets her sleep in while he gets them ready and off to school)
Why not take advantage of it and get first choice on your cereal 
while your sister is getting ready for bed. 

You call your Dad and ask him to bring you 4 books from home 
and he brings over 10 and you are SO excited. 

You think you can go to sleep, but when it's dark and you're just 
lying there, you call Grandma Honey back in 
and ask if she will put on Mister Rogers. 

It works like a charm, and has since you were TWO!

You can now get the tub ready without much help

But it doesn't even cross your mind to put your dirty clothes away. 

Or to take your toys with you.

And the next day when one of you has a tummy ache
and stays home from school...

no one can really figure out if it hurts, 
or if you just need a bit more Grandma Honey time.

And just so you know, no the twins don't live here everyday, 
just last week while their Mom needed to go to Florida, 
and one night this week while she was in Idaho. 


Scrapally said...

yep! I know the feeling! 6, 7 1/2 and 9 at my house. Every the way, I LOVE your house! And you are a wonderful grandma...I love your table all set for morning. Cute!

Anonymous said...

How do I get that Mr. Roger's cd?

Grandma Honey said...

I've had his CDs for years, probably even a couple decades. I originally got them off his website. But I would think Amazon might carry them, or eBay even. McKay and Tyler use to fall asleep by his music and words too....but back then they were on little cassettes....the same way we use to listen to your music, Darlene :)

Grandma Honey said...

Scrapally...the only reason I had that table all set the night before was so I could sleep in the next morning! Den set his alarm for 7am and took care of everything after that. I did get up just before 8 so I could say prayers and kiss them goodbye before school.

Anonymous said...

What is it called? Mr. Rogers Bedtime? I couldn't find that on Amazon.

Grandma Honey said...

Yes, Mister Rogers Bedtime. I also have Mister Rogers Coming and Going and Mister Rogers You are Special, but the bedtime one is our favorite. On the CD it says Youngheart Music 1992 F Rogers, 1-800-444-4287 but I'm guessing the phone number has long since been turned off.