Tuesday, February 28, 2017

We are all flawed.

When I'm still thinking about a talk I heard at church 2 days later, I 
want to write about it.

The subject was love. Given by a Mom of 5 kids.

She said when her kids were younger (they are now about 9-19
she would often get in the middle of their disagreements. But 
when they all seemed to come at her at once and she had no idea 
what was going on, or who was right and who was wrong, she 
developed a plan.

This was clearly on days when they were all not getting along. She 
would send them all to different spots in the house for a time 
out. Then she would tell them they could come out as soon as they 
could come tell her what they did wrong. 

She did not want to hear anything about anyone else. She just 
wanted to know what they did wrong, or what they could have 
done better.

It could have been even something simple like, "I should have said 
that in a different tone."

She said this was very hard for a few of them.

In my younger years, even a decade or two ago, I'm not so sure I 
would have agreed with this. There is often someone who is more 
guilty than the other. Someone who is more selfish, or someone 
who stirs the pot in a family more.

But then as I was sitting there Sunday I thought what a gift this 
Mom is giving to her children. Perhaps as adults they will not be 
spending sleepless nights trying to think of ways to change others.

Love is the greatest power we have.

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Richard said...

You're wise for one so young...