Monday, April 18, 2016

The girls pulled it off very well!

So it went like this....
Elora and Hailey had a detailed list of everything they needed to make us dinner.

I told Hailey she was just like her Mom....she use to make lots of lists too!

As soon as we got home Hailey requested aprons.
She said, "I know we don't need them, but I think they would be so fun to wear."

Hailey got busy de-boning the chicken.
She thought the whole process was funny.
I thought it was funny that the vegetarian was taking the chicken apart. 

Elora jumped right into making her most popular banana bread. 
She recently made TWENTY loaves of this for a fundraiser for girls' camp!

I have to tell you about those almonds...see them to the right on the stove?
Hailey found an almond recipe to use in the salad bar the girls were putting together.

They were SO SO Good! 
1 T coconut oil and 1 c sliced almonds, with pinch of salt....
cook on the stove until they "are golden and fragrant," as Hailey read from her phone. 

See the little salad bar the girls have set up there?
romaine, spinach, craisins, those almonds, apple slices, egg slices, croutons

Hailey called her Dad in Vietnam to get his mashed potato recipe. 
Yep, you read that right.

See how beautiful Hailey's Chicken Pot Pie turned out!
She said she used Chicken Pot Pie IX on Allrecipes since it had the most and best reviews.

Hailey is giving Great Grandpa the details of their solid 4 hour cooking marathon.

I asked Hailey again before we ate, 
"But Hailey, what will you eat since you don't eat meat?"

She assured me she would be fine with the salad and then added, 
"It makes me happy watching people enjoy the food I make for them."

Hailey's plate

Susan's plate.

I think the last 2 pictures below pretty much sum up their week together.

And in case you didn't see Brock's video on Facebook of the girls' hike.....
I love the music he chose, not to mention the girls!

Elora and Hailey at Squaw Leap 2016 from Brock Heasley on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Love that video! And the music! Great job, Brock! I love seeing videos of Hailey and Elora. They have such a sweet relationship. Thanks for sharing this, Jill.

Susan Anderson said...

These two girls are the best! I've really enjoyed reading more about them.


krheasley said...

Yes! That's the chicken pot pie recipe I use as well. It is so so good, and has never failed me.

Love seeing Hailey and Elora together. :)