Monday, April 11, 2016

Well that was a surprise

So last night my sister in law, Wendy, called to tell me that Richard had his DNA done to see what 
he's really made of. Direct siblings she said, would have the same profile so I was very interested.

Surprisingly I found out we are 20% Spanish. I don't know why, but this is exciting to me. Like we 
have a certain flare to us that no one knew about. I couldn't wait to go tell my Dad. 

So we loaded up the twins in the car, and off we went.

I explained to Dad how Richard got his DNA tested and I am amazed we are 20% Spanish. I'm 
sure he didn't know this either since no one had ever mentioned it. We were just told growing up we were French. 

I was kind of pumped up about this so I asked Dad, 
"Did you know we have some Spanish in us?"

He answered, "Si." 

I was still laughing about his answer late into the night!

I think the Spanish comes from my Dad's Mom....She's the one on the left, her sister on the right.
Funny how I can see it now in her, but I couldn't before. 

 I need to call back Wendy and ask her what the other 80% is.
 I got too hung up on the Spanish part of us.


Anonymous said...

I find this fascinating and would like to hear more on how to go about getting tested. You know we are scheduled for genetic testing soon. This type of test would answer lots of questions for us.
As for what the 80% represents, for YOU it is kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion, gentleness, patience, selflessness, love, generosity.....the list is endless.
As for what the 80% represents for Richard......I think the majority is a great sense of humor. I think he gets that from your father. Love Dad's answer of "si"!
pjc from mi

Karen Mortensen said...

That is so cool. I want to have mine done too.

grandmapeg said...

My friends did that DNA testing a few months ago and like you, were surprised at where some of there ancestors came from. What happened with your dad? I noticed the bandage on his head?

Grandma Honey said...

He has some skin cancer cut out. :(

Richard said...

Testing can be done at, amongst others. They all charge $100. They mail you out a cheek swab kit and a prepaid FedEx box to return it. Results take a few weeks. Even more surprising to me is the fact we're ~45% Irish!

Susan Anderson said...

Pretty neat! My family had some testing done and found out that we were not only Swedish, but Scotch.