Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dennis' recipe for waking up grandchildren.

The twins stayed with us all last week and...

Dennis has his own way of launching the twins out of bed every morning...

He starts by turning on the light by their bed, not the over head.
Then he leaves the room for awhile.

He returns and pats their backs and talks to them like they can hear him, saying things like, 
"Did you get a good night's sleep? Are we feeling good this morning? 
You are going to have such a great day." No response.

Then he sings to them, "The Day Dawn is breaking the world is awakening..."
(I wonder if McKay and Tyler remember him singing this around the house in the mornings)

Finally they give in and just get up. 

I make them banana shakes and cereal, then he takes them to school each morning, 
and picks them up later.

This is where I come back in.
These 2 little people come home STARVING.

One day I asked if they would like some of the banana nut bread their cousin Elora made.
They were not too sure.

I suggested they "just try a little taste of it."

"Here Jonas, you try it first," Tea said.

Not bad.

They hadn't even taken off their backpacks yet...

I said, "Go sit at the table, and eat it."

But they couldn't stop.

It was just too good!

Finally I shuffled them over to the table.

"This is so good!" I kept hearing over and over again. 

I need to get Elora's recipe!
On second thought, no. I think it's Elora's touch.
I need to beg her to make some more. 


Anonymous said...

That song made me cry! So sweet that Dennis sings that to the kids. Lovely, lovely!

grandmapeg said...

That is a great song to wake up to! For not being sure they wanted to taste Elora's bread, they really seem to enjoy it ,although I'm not sure about Jonas' expression in the last picture. This is the absolute first time I have noticed that Jonas' eyes are brown, unless the picture has distorted the color. Is his eyes really brown?

Richard said...

I need to borrow Dennis to help with getting Wendy up in the morning...she no longer responds to Rise and Shout the Cougar is out.

Karen Mortensen said...

What a guy Dennis is. Glad they had a nice visit to your house.

Grandma Honey said...

GrandmaPeg....You've known me long enough to know that I never know eye color. haha I couldn't even tell you what color my sons' eyes are.

Scrapally said...

That is a sweet and gentle routine! Those grandkids are very lucky to have you two looking after them! And Elora's bread, that is so sweet!

Susan Anderson said...

I cannot believe how grown up they are! Such cute kids, too.