Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A way to read a bedtime story without reading it

Normally our days are short, they fly by.
However, this week we have the twins and the days are long, but it's a good kind of long.

But I get tired.
So does Grandpa. 

They want a bedtime story. I want a bedtime story. 
But I'm too tired to read one.

Well guess what?
A friend told me about this solution, and we are LOVING it.

Every night we all climb into our bed, and relax as someone else reads the story.

It's all sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild, so they are really good at reading stories.
It's called Storyline Online.
And it's FREE.

As you can see, the twins are captivated.

That's Logan to the left. 
He comes by most evenings this week, and stays for the story. Sort of.
Although he's faced the wrong way.

Right after dinner the twins start asking me when it's story time.
There are 30 stories to choose from, and I've heard they keep adding to them.

So far this one's my favorite: "The Tooth." Go listen to it, 
even if you don't have a child with you. The ending was SO sweet.

Jonas' favorite is: "I Need My Monster."
And so far Téa likes best: "Sebastian's Roller Skates."

Amy is in Utah this week for General Conference with Macie, Chandler, and Laurynn.

So until next week when their family can be reunited again...

We will continue to listen to stories.

Now don't forgot to hop on over to The Tooth. 
It's only 5 minutes long. I will be surprised if you don't love it.


grandmapeg said...

How cute is this!!! I have never heard about this web site, but I just added it to my Favorites bookmarks. I really liked The Tooth. What a great ending! Thanks for sharing this, which by the way, Jonas and Téa seemed so absorbed in the story they were watching.

Susan Anderson said...

What a GREAT idea!!