Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I finally took care of this!

So... back in 1986, my son McKay was in for one of his hospital stays at Valley Children's.
 This time he was 2 and I was with him round the clock for nearly a week.

Each day I would settle him in the little red wagon provider by the hospital
and walk the floors with him, pulling his IV pole behind us. We would walk by the usual places
....the cafeteria, the playroom, and the gift shop.

The gift shop was his main attraction for one simple reason. The first day we were there he spotted a
little red race car. He'd push the button and it would light up and make noises. I still remember all
these years later how he would say, "Peeze Mommy Peeze." He begged me to buy it for him.
It cost $9... and back then I didn't have an extra $9.

Yet, each night as I would drift off to sleep with McKay snuggled up against me,
I would think....tomorrow I am going to do it! I will buy that race car for him!
Then tomorrow would come and I just couldn't do it.

This has bothered me all of these years.
(had to include this glamour shot for McKenna!)

So guess what he got for his 32nd birthday yesterday? Yep I found one and sent it to Washington.
It's not red, and it's a bit larger than the one in 1986, but it lights up and it makes car noises.

And I feel better.

And McKay? 
Well I'm not sure he enjoyed putting this video on. But he and McKenna did it just for me!! 

I think he had a good birthday. McKenna always makes sure of that!
Yep, that's Annie! She's 3 months old now!


Anonymous said...

Finally, closure. Ha! Sweet story, Jill.
Look at that cute little Annie!

grandmapeg said...

That is a cute story. Reminds me of Nick and his Red Rider BB gun getting broke a few years ago (our boys had each gotten one for Christmas when they were in elementary school)and he was sad about that, so the next Christmas I went and bought another one and had Hailey put it behind the Christmas tree, from Santa. He was pretty excited and so were his boys. Anyway, I can tell McKay enjoyed the race car and I'm happy you don't have to feel guilty anymore :-)) Annie is sure a cutie!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a sweet story. Glad he finally got the car.

Anonymous said...

This is such a touching story and just shows what an awesome mother you are. You remembered his pleas and carried this in your heart all these years. What a lovely gift. I'm sure McKay is getting lots of joy out of sharing his car.

Yesterday was our son's 43rd birthday, and we gave him a "Star Wars" themed fleece throw. I thought it might be childish but back in the day when "Star Wars" was so popular, we could not afford either such a blanket. It made a big hit. Just goes to show that our grown sons are still little boys at heart.

McKenna Heasley said...

That was the sweetest gift. I wish I could have sent you a picture of McKay reading your card.
He was such a cute little boy!!! And I love the glamour shot :)

Susan Anderson said...

You are such a sweet mom. Loved this story.

Tyler Heasley said...

Karen and I had to go quickly over the two year old in the hospital part. We can't imagine taking any of our children back to the hospital. And that would be Leo for us right now. That must have been so hard for you!

For the rest of the post, Karen and I were rolling. The video was perfect.