Friday, December 18, 2015

The cage is empty, but it's all good.

Last night Den and I watched an old episode Andy Griffith. It was 1964.

Opie was taking care of some baby birds who had no mother. He kept them in a cage and fed 
them worms and bugs, but then the day finally came when Andy had to convince Opie it was time 
to let them go. 

Opie was so worried his little birds wouldn't be able to fly on their own. He fretted but finally let 
them fly off one by one. Afterwards Opie was sad and said to Andy, "The cage looks awful 
empty don't it Pa?"

Andy's response: "But don't the trees seem nice and full!"

That was exactly what I needed to watch yesterday on Tyler's 30th birthday!

Here's that part of the show I'm talking about. 
Forget the first part (I don't like it so don't watch it) just go to about 4:00.


Anonymous said...

I remember this episode so clearly! And Andy's response was beautiful. Just beautiful. Loved that show!

Scrapally said...

We can learn a lot from Andy! We have a few seasons of that shown on DVD and my grandsons love watching it! that and the Dick Van Dyke show. I have ALL the seasons of that as it was my favorite. Life lessons were better taught in Mayberry though. Love the episode you shared. Thank you!

Susan Anderson said...

That was such a good show. Wish we still had some like it on TV!