Monday, December 21, 2015

Just when I needed it!

I was one wiped out Grandma Honey last night. We have had SO much fun with the
twins the past 4 days their parents have been out of town.....but last night I was longing for
a major night's sleep and it was only 7pm!
Right about then my sister Heidi happened to stop over for a visit. I asked if she would
mind reading the twins a bedtime story. Not only did she jump right up and happily do
that, but she listened to them read, got excited about all their little their advent
calendars, and the gift their school teacher gave them…she oood and awwd about the
comfy soft bed they sleep in at our house, and helped them brush their teeth. 
At one point as I was sitting on the couch totally relaxing, Heidi came in and asked
where I keep my small ziploc bags. I didn’t even ask what she wanted them for, nor did I
care “They’re in the 3rd drawer under the cutting board.” Then after she got them all
tucked into bed, she even offered to help with prayers but I heard one of them say,
“Grandma does that with us.” 
I wish I would have thought to take pictures of it all for my blog! They so love Aunt
Heidi. And at that given moment she was angel relief to me. 
Then this morning as I was packing up the twinsies to go home, I noticed on the top of
both their overnight bags, there were 2 little ziploc bags with their tooth brushes inside.
Heidi even thought of that!

To Heidi I would like to say:


Susan Anderson said...

I love sisters! Mine are wonderful, too. Yours is a treasure.

Merry Christmas!


Scrapally said...

What a wonderful post. A beautiful thought at the end. I'm sure you were one tired grandma! Bless your heart for taking such good care of your little guests.

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure! I don't get to see Jonas and Tea very often and I enjoyed every minute! I was thankful for the opportunity to spend more than a few minutes with them. Also they are very blessed to have their loving family and Grandma Honey in their lives! They are growing up so fast....


Grandma Honey said...

I know they will enjoy being with you at the family Christmas Eve party!

Richard said...

Even Donald Trump would like Heidi...

Rebecca said...

Aw what a nice sister and she was in tune with the Spirit to know that you needed that
little break and she came to help!