Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Jared Box Project

While at church a few nights ago I overheard a few ladies discussing the website
So I went home and looked it up.

I scrolled through many service opportunities until I came to the Jared Box.
I immediately thought...hey, this is something I can do with the grandchildren!

So today after talking to Elora and Violet about the many children suffering in hospitals.
I gave them each a plastic shoe box and we headed for Dollar World.

I told them to fill their boxes with items they would like to have
....and then we would mark the boxes: Girl age 4, and Girl age 13.

The girls seemed to quite enjoy putting things in their boxes for 
their new friend "they will help, but never see."

I would often hear Violet say things like, "My new friend would like this."
Or, "No, she doesn't want that!"

Too bad some items were just too big to fit in the box.

It was such a happy adventure!

Violet however, wasn't much interested in the decorating so Elora obliged. 
The shopping was more Violet's passion. 

All that service worked up their appetites.

Hardly any pictures of our sweet Cami today. She was just not herself.
 I think her tummy was upset as she not once came into the kitchen 
and was not interested in eating today. Very unusual for her.

The projects are complete and ready to be delivered later to the Children's Hospital

I told Violet and Elora they will never see the smiles of the child who is handed their box,
 but rest assured they will be making someone a little happier who is suffering. 

If you are interested, go to
Plug your zip code in and it will tell you which hospitals are looking for these boxes.

Most likely a children's hospital near you 
would love to have more Jared Boxes to give to their little patients. 

PS   While I knew Elora would be 100% on board , 
I have to admit I was a bit concerned about Violet. She's only 4. 
I thought she might have a problem giving up all those fun items she chose. But no. 
She was fine with it. I think she got it! 

Elora's always had a servant's heart. I know I've shown this video before, but it's one of my favorites 
so I have to show it again. I especially love her last line because she not only was concerned about 
the people of Haiti, but she didn't want to stress out the donaters either! 
She was only 7.


Rebecca said...

I am sad because I looked at the directory and they don't do this in Utah! I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

This fills my heart with joy!! There are so many wonderful life lessons in this post, and I am very proud of all of you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you pjc!

Rebecca....So bizarre they aren't in Utah. But after some checking I did find out they are now at Riverton Children's Hospital. You would think they would be in every children's hospital in Utah!

Anonymous said...

What a great project! How fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you added that video at the end! I saw that before and loved it then, too. She was amazingly mature and well-spoken for her age! And so, so cute!!


The Jared Box Project said...

Thank you again for making Jared Boxes. I just loved seeing the photos of your grandchildren making Jared Boxes. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and check out our website.
If you are interested in making Jared boxes and do not see your town in our Directory, please contact us at We are ALWAYS looking to take Jared Boxes to more hospitals.
Thanks and God Bless,
Cindy Kolarik
The Jared Box