Monday, August 10, 2015

Long ago in 1977

Some of these pictures I'd never seen before. They were passed on to me via Bill's brother Jim.

Like this one of Bill's Mom, Niada, with my first baby....the one who made her a grandma.

I'd never noticed before today, but I can see a little of McKay in her.
I wish I could call her tonight and tell her. She passed away last April.
(Coincidentally, today would have been her 90th birthday)

During that same period of time. 
My sons Grandpa and Grandpa Heasley in 1977.

Bill and I somewhere in the mid 1970s.
Bill's Dad must have taken this picture since it's their house.

I can tell this picture was taken at St Agnes Hospital in Fresno.
The boys' Uncle Jim, and my Dad....waiting and waiting, for Brock to be born.

Again, we were at Bill's parents house. 1977

Old, old pictures these are.

I don't think I was ever more relaxed than when holding one of my babies.
Especially when he was sleeping. Mothering was the best fun I ever had.


Karen Mortensen said...

Great pictures. I didn't know that grandma had passed away. She was a nice lady. I think I was able to meet her once or twice.

McKay said...

I LOVE these pictures! How fun to see you. I really love get one of you and Bill together. Everyone looks the same to me in these pictures except for Jim! I wouldn't have recognized him without the caption. Holding a baby is th best feeling in the whole world. :)

Grandma Honey said...

So you see a little of McKay in his Grandma Heasley? I think he mostly looks like my Dad, but now I also see Niada.

Karen...I think you did meet her! Yes she died just 4 months ago. So nice that she's with her husband once again.

Grandma Honey said...

Maybe it's the eyes. I can't quite figure out what I see exactly but to me there is a resemblance.

Susan Anderson said...

I agree, nothing like holding a baby….and I am getting lots of opportunities just now. =)

What fun to see these old pics. You know I love them.