Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Have you noticed how DIFFERENT washing machines are now?

My neighbor and I both have new washers, 
just regular top loading ones, 
and we were trying to figure them out.  

They use less water, they lock shut after the cycles begin...
features we are not use to.

So I brought her into our laundry room and showed her mine. It 
was in the middle of a cycle, and locked. I had never unlocked and 
interrupted a cycle before...and nearly gasped at just how low the 
level of water was. Really, that little bit of water? Maybe this is 
why our clothes don't feel as clean lately.

So then it occurred to me... if the new washers use less water, then I 
should start putting less soap in. No where on the instructions does 
it say this but wouldn't that make sense to you? So now I use just a 
little over 1/2 the amount of detergent called for and guess what? 
Our clothes feel cleaner, and definitely softer.

So I'm going to save big now on detergent.

But there is also a glitch with the matching dryer.

See that little hook at the top, just inside the dryer?

Or maybe this shows it better....

Do you know that if even one item of clothing gets stuck to that 
hook when I shut the door, ALL of the clothes follow along.

Like this....

All of Den's lovely shirts didn't look so lovely.

Shirts of a feather flock together.
Or something like that.

PS  This is the first matching set of washer and dryer I've ever had in my life.
And I just now noticed that fact. Obviously it never mattered to me.
I only notice when they quit working.


Rebecca said...

ha that is funny about the shirts.
I have a new washer too. It is hard to get used to. The locking thing is driving me crazy.
AND I guess we have to buy special laundry soap for these washers or the filter will be ruined.
Crazy. I miss my old washer for sure.

grandmapeg said...

That is certainly weird. I've never seen that before. So, you have to be very careful when you shut the door. I'm not sure I would care for that. What brand of washer and dryer did you get?

Anonymous said...

I have one of those newfangled machines and dislike it for the same reasons you mentioned plus our clothes are just not as clean despite using (less) detergent with the h.e. icon and additives. I even spent $75 for a 'magnetic cleaning' product which actually worked better than detergent. I think the main problem is lack of water and a crummy agitation. Sometimes I like to let the clothes set in water overnight for extra pre-wash but it drains out after a certain amount of time. Forget about dyeing anything. And that locking system! Arggghhh!
Before I read your blog, I was telling Tom that I'd much prefer going back to a wringer washer. Pam

Anonymous said...

We also don't like the lack of a lint filter. Lint either stays in the washer or gets stuck in the hosing. And those odd noises when the cycles change. Geesh.