Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Blessed Easter!

We had a family Easter gathering earlier today 
at my sister Peggy and Jeff's home….

but this time we invited our new relatives
the ones I found on
The ones we didn't know we had.
Sarah, Anthony, and Monique with my Dad. 
(Anthony was ready for a meeting right after the party.)

My great Grandfather, Robert Wiley Rozier is the brother 
to Monique's Dad's great Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Rozier.

So we are family.

Lots of good food to share.

Isn't this an interesting way to make a fruit salad with bananas all around the edges?
 The sad part of today….
our new relatives had to leave before I remembered 
that desserts were waiting for us all inside!

I was able to capture a picture right after the Easter Egg Hunt.
Jude, Téa, Trevor, Calvary, Zion, Hosanna, Sarah, Rivka, and Mara. 
(Mara looks incredibly like Grandma Peggy at that age….most of these are her grandchildren!)

The other little one, Harvey, was inside.

At 7 months old, I guess he's thinking he will wait till next year to join the group.

Not too many pictures this time.
I was mostly entranced by getting to know our new relatives. 

If you have not seen this little video, then you get to now.  
I hope it speaks to you like it does to me.


Karen Mortensen said...

What a wonderful celebration. Mom said it was really nice.

Anonymous said...