Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My newly found relatives

We did it! We met them!

Thanks to I was able to connect with family who live just a few miles from us.
Family I never knew about. They also go to the same church (although a different ward and stake than
us) so NO WONDER they looked so familiar to me!

First, here I am with is my newly found cousin Sterling Ingrim. His great grandmother is the sister of
my great grandfather….which also means we have the same great great grandparents.

sorry my eyes are closed.

and next is …

Sterling with his wife Sheri. (If I told you how old they are, you'd never believe it.)…In back of them
is their daughter and son-in-law, Monique and Anthony Garcia…with one of their daughters, Sarah,
on the end. These pictures don't do them justice. They are a very cute family.

I could feel such a wonderfully loving spirit in their home as soon as Dennis and I walked through their
front door. We traded stories and family history….they made us feel comfortable right from the

We learned about some common threads of health among their family and ours. Also some interesting
stories if you can follow this very unusual story: Sterling and Sheri were born in the same 
hospital in San Jose 2 days apart. Sheri's parents (Bliss and Mary Anderson) owned a beauty salon,
and Sterling's Grandma (Evelyn) had her hair done by Sheri's Dad (Bliss).

(sorry to interrupt, but this would be like my Dad doing Dennis' grandma's hair!)

Okay, back to the story….

When Sterling joined our church in 1970, his Grandma Evelyn told him he should write to Bliss
(Sheri's Dad) because he was Mormon. So then Sterling and Bliss corresponded, and Bliss tried to get
his daughter, Sheri to read the letters but she said she was not interested. (But when no one was around,
Sheri would read Sterling's letters!)

After Sterling got out of the Army, he came to San Jose to visit his Grandma Evelyn. He called Sheri's
mom and told her that since they had been hearing about one another their whole lives, they should
probably meet. Six weeks later Sterling and Sheri were married in the Oakland temple!

Another interesting fact: About 2 years ago Dennis and I put a bid on a home just 1 1/2 blocks from
Monique and Anthony's home. Even though our bid was higher than the asking price, someone asked
even more. So we didn't get that house. Had we moved there we would have known the Garcia family
earlier (we would have both been in Shepherd ward) but we still would not have known we were
related until I had responded to Monique's entries on

Now below …..see William and Margaret's children on the far right? My great grandpa, Robert Wiley
Rozier, was their 2nd child. Sterling's great grandma was their 4th child, Mary Elizabeth Rozier

And then here is Sterling's family tree, and how he branches off from William and Margaret.

Now doesn't this make you want to go investigate on your own family tree? 
You never know what surprises you will find. 

And what does my Great Grandpa Robert Wiley Rozier look like? 
Kind of funny looking but that's okay. 
I'm sure he looks better now in the next life.
I think these are the engagement pictures to my great grandma Mary. 
They had 10 children together, the 5th one being my Grandpa Romeo Rozier.


Karen Mortensen said...

Wow. Small world.

Nate and Julie said...

I love this! And I do recognize Sarah from Family Camp. What a small world!

grandmapeg said...

You are quite the genealogist! You took what started out as a mystery and turned it into such an interesting story. I loved reading all about your visit!

Scrapally said...

that is so exciting! So glad to hear "the rest of the story" although I'm sure it's not over yet! How convenient that you both live in the same town! :)

Unknown said...

We have Mormon relatives!!! SO interesting and Alex is relieved that he didn't start a family camp romance with his cousin Sarah!!! LOL!

Richard said...

What brought Sterling and Sheri to Clovis? What is their last name? I didn't know Dennis did hair...all so interesting.

Grandma Honey said...

Sterling and Sheri came to Clovis just for the weekend to see their daughter Monique and family. Monique's been here 8 years. I didn't even think to ask what brought her family here!

krheasley said...

SO COOL! And how crazy to be so close by for all these years.

Where in Washington are Sterling and Sheri from?

Grandma Honey said...

Hi Karen…they live in Olympia….have you ever been there? I think it's about 1 1/2 hours from you?

Anonymous said...

Very intriguing story and well worded for easy following the details. I like all the photos, too. I'm glad you were able to meet them. pjc