Monday, September 15, 2014

This is called thinking outside the box...

Richie has slept with his Binky since birth. 
But after the first night here, we could not find it anywhere! 

I know Richie will have to give up his Binky someday, 
but please, not at Grandma Honey's house.

I want him to relate his short stay here with only good memories.

So what could any of us do to console him? 
How was Richie suppose to sleep without 
his dearly beloved Binky?

On another note, he decided he liked my kitchen tongs. 

His Mom suggested since they couldn't find his Binky that perhaps 
he would like to sleep with the tongs instead? 

As you can see, Richie agreed and made the transition just fine.
See him taking his nap today, all cuddled up with the kitchen tongs?
What a smart Mom to think of such a plan!
It would have never occurred to this Grandma Honey. 


Anonymous said...

Sooooo precious! Great thinking Mom.
Great pictures, too.
BTW: what is the "H" on the floor?


Grandma Honey said...

Richie found that H under the bed. I also have an S under there. Someday I plan to paint them and put them on the wall representing our 2 last names.

Rebecca said...

OH MY! This made me laugh! What a funny thing. AND what a smart Mom. I have had kids attached to the strainer, turkey baster, and probably more. Hehe. One thing we did, when we were ready to be done with the binkey, we would have the "Binky Fairy" come. They leave their binkey under their pillow and the binky fairy comes and puts a prize under the pillow, a fun toy or whatever and then the binky is gone!

Richard said...

That's what Edward Scissorhands mom would have done too...

Karen Mortensen said...

Cool idea. Whatever works.

Fisher Family Fun said...

ReAnna slept with a tiny potato once. Did you find the blanket?

Susan Anderson said...

What a great story!