Thursday, September 4, 2014

Goodbyes are the hard part!

Grandma Honey had a hard time saying Goodbye. 
So did her husband, the Grandpa.

The problem with having our out of town grandchildren come see us, is we get so attached to them that
we have to go through withdrawals when they leave. But it's still worth it! 

Being with our family means everything to us.

We only had one causality…

But I never liked that pot much anyway

Some moments I want to remember….

The music video Grant goes to the most? "Shake it Off" 
Astounding the way he can maneuver his Mom's phone and he's not even quite 3 yet.

McKenna, Grant, and I got to see the twins start their very first day of Kindergarten. 
Amy held up better than I did.

Grant just did not understand why he couldn't go through that gate and play on the equipment. 
Didn't make much sense to me either.

McKenna and Scarlett were able to attend Elora's cross country run!

We are not quite sure what Grant loved more….the pool or the warm shower after. 
When he would have enough he would say, "Please warm shower." 

Scarlett was Miss Happy Girl. 

She will grow up to be a very kind woman, we can just tell. She will also be strong and speak up 
when she has something to say. Like at Red Robin's last week….I think every person sitting 
anywhere near her knew when she wanted a refill on her Mac and Cheese.

Her big brother has determination in his soul, too, as you can see!

 Our nephew, Jake, and Katie stopped by to show us 12 day old Harvey Cleve Kennington. 
He is beautiful! I wish I could have gotten a better picture of gorgeous Katie.

Scarlett was not sure about her Mom holding another baby. She tried to swoop quickly over there.

McKay reminded me of his Dad the way he would do just about anything to entertain his children.

Grant however, preferred his food OFF his head.

Lots of pool time.
Growing up McKay would spend 6 days a week in the pool
 and he wanted his kids to experience some of that.

                    Otherwise, why would they choose to come to this burning hot town in AUGUST?

We got to see a little of the universal pecking order of siblings.

Grant could not get enough of these little people. 
Guess what he's getting for his birthday next week from Grandma and Grandpa….

Scarlett seemed intrigued by having her second cousin, Sarah Jane, stop by.
I sure wish these little girls lived closer. 

Special time between McKay and Grandpa Rozier.

(Below, watching the video of the McKs/Brock and Erin's adventure)….

Lots and lots of family time ...and now it's over...

But not for long. In just 9 days Tyler and Karen and Richie and Leo arrive!!

Meanwhile, Later, I still have more recipes and cooking adventures to share of McKenna.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see your family together.
What?? The twins are going to KINDERGARTEN? NOooo! They are growing up too faaaast!

Scrapally said...

I love hearing about your family time. I feel like I was there! Can't wait for the rest of McKenna's recipes. And I know all about that withdrawal! Thankfully I don't have to experience that anymore...for now. :)

Karen Mortensen said...

You have a wonderful family. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Susan Anderson said...

Can't believe the twins are in school already! That's crazy.

Your family is terrific, Jill. It's plain to see.


McKenna Heasley said...

We miss you guys more than you know! Thank you for spoiling us! We had so much fun and cannot wait to come back. (Grant is still praying for Grandma every night :) )

Richard said...

Wonderful post!