Saturday, September 27, 2014

Odd moments from the past 2 weeks of family

Some of these pictures I really like. Some are baffling to me. 

Like this one of cousins Violet and Richie.

 I had to think for a bit to figure out why Grandma Susan 
was behind the plant in the corner. 
(Then I remembered was Susan looking out at our back yard right before I snapped this picture.
But there is something about it that just makes me LAUGH.)

Or this picture. I have no idea what's going on 
here with Erin and Karen. 
I only hope this is not how they really feel about our family gatherings.

Or this one….who took this picture anyway? Brock?

Richie was so proud of his new skill.
I like his focus here.

I do love this one of Brock, Cami, and Erin.

Leo doesn't look like Prince George 
but in this one picture he sort of does.

No one agrees with me. Or cares. 

Leo is exactly one day older than George.

 And what is going on here?
(and don't worry, I did get permission to show this)

They are still beautiful when bored?…hungry?…tired?….listening?...not sure what they are here….

Maybe they just needed to eat?

I did NOT like the goodbyes.
If we could only figure out a way to live in California and Washington at the same time.


Tyler Heasley said...

I just caught up on all these posts about us. (I guess I don't read the blog when I'm living the blog.) We miss you guys terribly. The boys just aren't the same without their Grandma Honey to play with them. And now that we're back to a mostly carpeted house, I really miss hearing Leo's feet pat the floor as he runs around. And Rich in that big fluffy bed at night (because I could more easily lie down next to him).

Scrapally said...

Love the pictures! fun to try and figure out what's going on...I hate good byes too. So glad they got to come and visit you!

Karen Mortensen said...

Love the pictures. Glad you had a great time with your family.

Richard said...

I'll come visit and take away some of the sting...