Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where or where can they be?

Have you seen my two very lost books?

I'm hoping someone will know the answer to this question. 

I lost these two books sometime last year. 
Besides, the scriptures, I read these books more often than any other.

They are both filled with insightful, well researched, helpful 
life changing, throughout provoking ideas and challenges.

I thought about re-buying them, 
but then I wouldn't have all my notes and underlines. 
I think I must have brought them somewhere since they are both gone. 
I'm thinking perhaps I loaned them to someone??
Or maybe I was at your house for a sleep over and brought my books with me? 

I took Gretchen Rubin's advice from the first book….
"if you lose something, start cleaning." 
So I've been doing that. So far no books, but I did find this picture:
Heidi G. who grew up next door, and McKay.

She was the sister my boys never had.
And she is getting married in just THREE days!!

And what I think is very incredible....this year, the biggest drought I can remember,
and yet it RAINED so hard at her bridal shower a few weeks ago
that the door of the restaurant BLEW OPEN.

AND this Saturday, the day of her wedding RAIN and THUNDER
STORMS are predicted. All in our record breaking drought year.

I think this means Heidi is very special.
We've known that for years.


Heidi Garvin said...

I am even wearing YELLOW (our main wedding color) in this picture! What a lovely coincidence!

Thank you for your kind words, you always have a way with them. We are so excited for this weekend and I am so excited to see you, Dennis, Logan, Brock, and their families.

I think this photo is from our field trip to Ashland, Oregon McKay's senior year (my junior year). My how time flies.

Rebecca said...

No I did not see your book. But I do have a really good book on Happiness. It is called "The Happiness Factor" It is by Kirk Wilkinson. He is a member of the church and a BYU Education Week speaker. I went to his classes and they were amazing. I am really enjoying his book. Good luck on finding your book. Did someone borrow it or did you leave it somewhere outside your home? I hate when that happens. Sure enough if you order another, it will show up!

pebble said...

I don't know where your books are, but I do follow The Blog, The Happiness Project. I too enjoy the books, and thought you might like the blog address. Enjoy, and I hope your books turn up soon. --Melinda

Grandma Honey said...

HI Melinda! I do follow Gretchen's blog. I especially enjoy her weekly videos now that she tells a story on them….rather than just talk about an idea like she use to do.

Rebecca….Thanks for the book idea. I just put it on my Amazon wish list. :)

Heidi…Right, YELLOW! I didn't make the connection before.

Tyler Heasley said...

We wish so much we were there to celebrate with everyone! (In case you see this, Heidi, congrats congrats congrats again!) Maybe a good wedding favor is a bucket of rain water?

No, I haven't seen your books. But you can at least hope someone mean found them.

Grandma Honey said...

That's a good thought Tyler…yes, if a mean and especially unhappy person finds and reads those books, then it's all worth the loss to me.

Richard said...

I think I saw those books tucked into the pages of a gun magazine on Dennis' desk...

Scrapally said...

I am guessing you loaned them out. I do that all the time and can't remember who I loaned them to. hopefully they read your blog and will "remember" to return them! I read the first one (I borrowed it from Peggy but I DID return it)but I haven't read the second one. I will have to locate a copy.

Eileen said...

I lost my copy of The Happiness Project too! I'm hoping it didn't go out in one of our 'donation' boxes!