Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our guest room, before and after...

A few months ago I was thinking about McKay's old bedroom.

Since he was the last of all our 8 kids to get married…
Since he was the last one, I guess I just thought I should leave his room alone forever.
Kind of like, I didn't want my house to look like my kids never lived here.

So McKay's room use to look sort of like this….
(the revised edition once he was off to BYU)

Then one day I realized it had been nearly 12 years since he left home. Seriously, 12 years? 

Perhaps it was time to move forward.

It all started with Jessica's prom picture. 
After being totally taken in by her sweet beauty and her golden lovely dress…..
I noticed the dark brown wall in the back ground. 
See the way that brown wall "pops" behind beautiful Jessica?
Stay with me, this will all fit together.

Then……a few months after that, Dennis and I were at 
the Farmer's Market in Clovis USA (as he calls it) 
when I saw this dresser in the window of an antique shop. 

It was closed so we made a mental note to go back the next day. 
I really liked this very old dresser but I had no idea the price.

Turns out we liked the price...SOLD to us.

This was the start. I envisioned it setting in front of a dark wall like Jessica was sitting in front of. 
I love contrast. After going on a hunt for dark brown paint, Den painted the one wall….

 I thought, okay, I like it

We liked this for about a week when I realized, Yep, we need one more dark wall.

I'll add some family pictures later. But for now, we have the birds.

Dennis doesn't understand my little finishing touches. But he respects them. Or rather he respects me. 

He particularly didn't understand why I paid $7. for this very old wedding cake topper. 
He said, "But that use to be on top of someone's cake!" Exactly. I think it's over 50 years old.

That bottom sign was one of my Mom's very favorite hymns. 
I remember her singing it around the house when I was growing up. And we sang it at her funeral.

And the family all knows what I began to do to Tyler's room
 the day after he left for his mission in 2005...

Now here we are 9 years later and I feel another make over coming on. 
I've got plans. 


Karen Mortensen said...

Looks great. Where did you get that find the good sign?

Lisa said...

VERY COOL! You are def on a roll.....and I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

My bags are packed for an overnight! But I can't decide which spectacular room I want to use. Might have to stay longer.

Scrapally said...

it's beautiful! I love your finishing touches! Can't wait to see what you do next!

Anonymous said...

How many bedrooms do you have? Yes, it's essential to have a children's playroom when you've got grandchildren! What better thing to do with one of your adult children's bedrooms? So what do you plan to do with the playroom now?

Grandma Honey said...

We have 4 bedrooms. Den uses 1 of those for his office. I'm keeping the playroom, just changing the colors. I like change.

Karen….I got that sign at Home Goods several months ago.

Ammy said...

Jill! That is so cute! Wanna help redo my girls room? I am at al loss....