Friday, August 23, 2013

Surprises in Family History

You probably don't recognize these people, and we probably are not exactly related to them.
This is Mickey Mantle and his family back in 1957

I was doing a search online for a picture of my Great Aunt Rowena 
(Dollie's sister....more on Rowena another day)....
and I found a website by a man related to all us Roziers. 

Mickey Mantle's wife, Merlyn Johnson is on an offshoot of our family tree. 
I don't think a direct offshoot, but still I find this interesting. 

That's little Mickey Jr, and she is pregnant with Billy Mantle. 
Love the hair and pregnant clothes back in 1957.

Mickey Mantle was just a name everyone knew who grew up in the 1960s. 
I didn't know until today that in spite of a chronic bone infection in his legs, 
and operations on both knees,
he became baseball's most powerful switch hitter.
He died of liver cancer in 1995.

So back to my search for Great Aunt Rowena Rozier.
Sometimes I just have to pause to look at all the great pictures.

Like this one below. 

He is another distant family tree offshoot. 
It's his name that struck me the most.

Andrew Jackson Batman
born May 20, 1830
It's like he was given a distinguished name to sort of counteract the Batman at the end.
I wonder if it worked.


Richard said...

At first glance, I thought the first picture was Bob, Rose, and Robbie Emler...

Scrapally said...

Fun facts to find out! Love the old pictures!

Anonymous said...

Batman? My kids would have loved that last name when they were little! Not so great when one is older though!

Karen Mortensen said...

You always find the most amazing things.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Jackson Batman is the funniest name ever. I can't wait to see more pictures and stories of people in our direct line. Thanks!