Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 3

So while having dinner last night at the McKs along with Karen and Tyler....
Last time we were here they had 2 babies, now they have 4!...
it has now turned into more than just fun, it's crazy fun.


I was still in my bathrobe when my babies were 2 weeks old. 
These new Moms look AMAZING.

Beautiful Scarlett

These pictures are just a sampling of our evening together. 
Scarlett and Leo are just 2 weeks old!
Grant and Rich are both 2 within the month

McKenna insisted on making dinner for all of us.
I know, I know, she shouldn't have, but she did.
Shish Kabobs, green salad, and fresh nectarines, cherries, raspberries, and pineapple.

I told McKay and Tyler I wanted at least one picture of Grant and Rich sitting together. 
This is the closest we could get to that request. 

Is there anything more gorgeous than a newborn?

Very handsome Leo

 I remember nursing like that!

When we had Richie over to play with us yesterday I closed the bathroom door 
so I wouldn't have to worry about him going in there. 

Problem is next time we opened it, it wouldn't open. 
The maintenance man was still trying to open that door for us when 
we went to McKay and McKenna's for dinner. 
Still wasn't fixed when we got back last night....
so we were given the option of moving permanently to Room 126 down the hall, 
or we could "stay" in Room 126 until Room 124 is fixed. 
We optioned for choice two because 124 has the much better bed. 

So we have our stuff in Room 124 but we slept in 126....
going back and forth as we needed things. 
Sounded easy but turns out we were continually forgetting things 
and ended up going back and forth at least a dozen times after we were dressed for bed. 

But the very best part is they are not charging us for last night...
not even for one room when we have two. 
We also were told we could have anything we wanted in their little store by the desk. 

Life's an adventure. Always.

And we can hardly wait for tonight when they 
are all coming here for dinner in our little hotel room. :)

Come back and I'll show you a recipe that works well in a hotel room least I am hoping so.


Richard said...

...see my comment on last post.

Anonymous said...

Having dinner delivered, I assume.
Great to see the babies!

Stephanie Cozzens said...

Your new grandbabies are so beautiful! And of course, I love Scarlett's name. :)

Lisa said...

Prcieless moments & precious lil' ones! Every one looks great & the babies adorable! THanks for sharing. I'm curious about your hotel friendly

Rebecca said...

so sweet!

Heather said...

McKenna is such an amazing hostess! We love seeing all these great pictures of the babies and toddlers!

Anonymous said...

The cousins look so much alike!(both sets) And I bet they will grow up like siblings..