Saturday, August 17, 2013

Church in Oregon last Sunday

I've never seen a Sacrament meeting program quite like this, but I love this idea!
Each week Karen and Tyler's ward prints the topic of learning for that day
right on the front of the program. 

So last Sunday all the talks were about education, in some form.

An older man talked all about his earlier search for education and a career.
How he decided years ago that he did not want to do manual labor like his Dad.
He was determined to get a degree in engineering....and all the struggles he went through to obtain this.

Then a middle age woman talked about her hobby of studying nutrition 
and how it's a life long quest of hers. She loves the subject and continues to learn all she can about it.

The meeting ended with a young Mom explaining how she is wanting to get a degree in health care of some kind, but right now she is raising their 1 year old with another baby coming in December. 
I hope she puts that off for several more years.

The common denominator with all these stories was prayer and work. 

The young Mom said something in particular that resonated with me. 
She said we often pray and pray for something....either an answer to a problem, 
or an answer to a path we are thinking of taking. 
Then over time we quit thinking about that issue because it has been resolved. 
We often don't even recognize the answer to our prayer came
because it was all so subtle, or came in a way we were not expecting. 

But you know what even had a bigger impact on me while I was sitting in that chapel last Sunday?
It was the realization that this was the first time, ever, 
since Tyler left home 8 years ago that I was able to be present in his ward. 

We missed Karen and the boys (Richie was sick) but there was Tyler, sitting right next to us.
And that's when this part of the 3rd verse of the Sacrament hymn hit me:

"And now we praise thy name with song, The blessings of this day
Will linger in our thankful hearts, And silently we pray..."

Yes, that about sums up my feelings. 
So thankful we could be there. So thankful for the trip.
But the goodbyes were not easy. 
more on that later.


Annette said...

Awe neat idea about the programs. That is one organized Bishop! I hear you with the goodbyes! I've been in HOT AZ for almost 10 days and it makes me very sad that I fly home tomorrow. Ah booo! To bad everyone can't always live by each other!

Grandma Honey said...

I know what you mean, Annette....we hardly notice the weather when we're with the grandchildren! And we go through just about anything to be with them. Then after it's all over we go through withdrawal!

Lisa said...

I like his ward just from your post! It's so fun to see you traveling to Oregon & able to see the lil' ones grow. I think the best part is just being together physically. I always enjoy your reflections Jill! Thanks!

grandmapeg said...

Great idea for the Sacrament Meeting program!! I'm just so happy you get to visit those out of town children and grandchildren!