Friday, March 15, 2013


Have you seen this movie? What did you think?

We saw it today and were not all that impressed. 
I may be in the minority since it's getting good reviews.

It's about the residents in a home for retired musicians. 
So much they could have done with this story line.
 But it lacked depth, it lacked some heart. 
It had a little heart,....there were a few tender scenes,  
but I expected more from senior citizens (I'm talking about the ones at least 20 years older than me.) 
They have so much to teach us and impress on us, decades of life experience to share. 
This movie would have been a great avenue to do this.

Perhaps I got hung up on 2 particular scenes of bad language. 
I know this is how the media sees life, but not where I come from.
 Besides, even if one thinks it's okay to say whatever
I would just expect people to have a bit more class as they get older.

I think my oldest son had some really good thoughts about language in movies. 
He use to write a movie review column for our local paper. 
I've kept this all these years....from 1995.

Coincidentally Dustin Hoffman was the producer of the movie we saw today. 
Apparently he has not changed much, and he's now 75.


Anonymous said...

My parents never, and I mean NEVER, swore. I grew up in an environment completely free of that. I have not gotten over it. I still don't like hearing "language". I made sure my kids didn't hear it at home either. I somehow got the impression growing up that swearing was a "low class" thing to do. Intelligent people used intelligent language. They had large vocabularies that could clearly express any and all things that needed to to be expressed. All emotions have words that describe them, and someone with an excellent vocabulary is really fun to listen to. Case in point: Pride and Prejudice.

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene~ You probably don't know this but about 20 or so years ago it was you who got me to quit using the word hate. I remember you said you didn't like that word, it was too negative or something like that. Made sense to me. You would instead use the word, "dislike." It does sound more refined.

Anonymous said...

Actually, we were not allowed to use the word "hate" growing up in my family. Also, "stupid" and "idiot" were banned.
When I was raising kids, some moms I knew let their children tell them they hated them. They wanted them to be emotionally honest with them. I saw it differently. The "sticks and stones" theory is wrong, in my opinion. Words CAN hurt and they do. I don't remember my kids ever saying that to me, because it was not allowed to say to anyone. Including ones parents. Instead, I taught them that words have power and we have to pick our words carefully and responsibly. I think they all learned that lesson well.

Grandma Honey said...

I applaud what you just wrote Darlene. The "sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never hurt you" was very prevalent back in the 1960s. The rule back then was as long as they didn't touch you, then you didn't get hurt. I guess it should be no surprise that therapy became very popular and wide spread by the 1980s..

Sue said...

Thanks for the tip; I think we'll take a pass on this one.

I can't stand listening to the bad language. It's out of control.