Sunday, March 10, 2013

How Grandparents are different than Parents

One day last week, after taking the twins to the store with me to get a few extra art supplies....

They wanted to get right into their projects as soon as we returned home.

I told them first they needed to put away their pajamas that were strewn all over the family room. 

Jonas said, "I don't want to do that."
Téa suddenly slumps over to one side, while her arm is dramatically dangling and said,
"My arm is too weak."

Then I said in a very matter of fact parental voice,
"If you don't put your pajamas in the playroom, 
we won't be doing art today." 

With that they both quickly picked up their jammies and ran into the playroom.
Good. Task was done.

So as they were happily drawing and creating...

I walked down the hall and saw this.

 I called to Den in the next room, "Come look what they did!"
He appeared and said, "They did exactly what you told them to do. They put them in the playroom."

We both laughed and talked about how cute it was 
seeing their clothes in a heap right inside the door way. 

I didn't touch their pile. 
 I loved it too much to disturb it. 
For the rest of that day we just all stepped over it.

And that is the difference between a Grandparent and a Parent.


Karen Mortensen said...

That was cute.

Anonymous said...

Ha! It's probably a good thing we AREN'T raising our grandchildren! I loved the part of how Tea reacted so dramatically. But, I don't think I would have loved it if I had been her parent..... well, maybe a little bit!

grandmapeg said...

Little kids can take things literally, that's for sure. You're a good grandmother to be able to leave those pjs on the floor. I'm too obsessive compulsive so I would have had to put them away. I love Téa's comment though about her arm being too weak :-)

Heather said...

That's hilarious! I especially love Tea's comment because Hannah does almost the exact same thing when she doesn't want to take her toys upstairs: "My legs aren't strong enough!" Hehe.

Sue said...

Exactly. That IS the difference, in a nutshell.


Rebecca said...

haha! Love it! And you forgot to don't have to eat all your vegetables at Grandma's house.....(at least at this Grandma's you don't...I don't know about other grandma's though..)

Scrapally said...

cute! What fun adventures Grandma Honey has! It is totally different being the grandparent, I can attest.

Pride In Photos said...

What an incredible cute grandparent story!!! You are so right...things are now funny with misbehavior when it wasn't when they were my children.

Richard said...

You're the greatest blogger ever, but if the twins turn out to be delinquents we'll know who to blame...