Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Surprise!

For the past few weeks Den's daughter Kris, and Amy (my son Logan's wife),
have been talking and texting about a surprise
they were cooking up for their daughters Jessica and Kylie,who have become BFFs...

Unbeknownst to Kylie, Jessica flew from Utah to California last night.
Today Kylie came over here for Easter dinner....or that was all she thought was going to happen

So the plan was, when Dennis said, "What did you get for Easter, Kylie?"
that was Jessica's cue to come out of the hallway where she was hiding and surprise Kylie.

I caught it on video, of course, but I missed recording Den's cue.
So this will begin with Kylie answering the question,
"What did you get for Easter?"  
and then Jessica appears right on cue.


Karen Mortensen said...

That was way too cool.

Anonymous said...

This is what we need to spend our money on. Getting together. That's the real treasure. I must remember that.

the Rich girl said...

Kylie's reaction was awesome. So so good.

And Amy--what a great poker face!

I hope those two have a fantastic week together.

McKenna Heasley said...

This is so sweet!

grandmapeg said...

How much fun is this!!! I loved Kylie's expression and you can see how much fun it was for Jessica to surprise her. And I agree with Karen's comment about Amy's great poker face!

Logan and Amy said...

I am so grateful Jessica got to come to Clovis and surprise Kylie!! Thanks to Kris and Mike for making this happen!! Kylie and Jessica are BFF's and Kylie is always saying how she wish she could have Jessica here to visit or her go visit Jessica. I LOVED Kylie's reaction, it was priceless! Jessica was so patient waiting for Grandpa Shelley's cue to come in. I keep watching this video over and over, with a smile always on my face! They are having so much fun!!! I love these two girls!!!

Kris said...

Every time I watch this (yes, I've watched it more than I can count!), I get tears welled up! I think it's just one if the sweetest relationships ever. When our family grew bigger, there were more to love. What a blessing.

Brock said...

That was great! Big grin on my face as I watched this. I hope they're having a blast together.

Sue said...

What a fun surprise. It's great that they've become such buddies.