Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not what we expected

Do you remember the little car incident we had in the Sweet Tomatoes parking lot a couple weeks ago?  
How this older gentleman was not looking as he backed out, and ran into our car? 

So his insurance paid the $789 it cost to fix our car, plus they also covered the $97 for 3 days use of a rental car. 
Problem was though, the last day we had it I misjudged how far I should have driven our car into the garage by 1/2 inch. 

But I didn't know this. 

Not until later on that evening when Den came in the house to find me and announced, 
"I hate to tell you this, but when you closed the garage door earlier today, it scraped the bumper of the rental car." 

I had that instant I-wish-I-could-rewind-life feeling. How could I have done such a thing?

Then Den decided he was going to Lowes to see if he could find some auto paste of some kind. 
He thought possibly the car just had paint from our garage door and it could be rubbed off. 

A few hours later: Good try, but didn't work at all. 

Then I finally saw the bumper for myself. Oh no. Not good. It was scratched in several places. 
It looked worse than our car did in the original incident at the Sweet Tomatoes parking lot!

Dennis said since we hadn't purchased extra rental car insurance we would probably submit the damages 
through our home owner's policy. Well I love our home owners policy, 
but I think we submitted enough through them this year when they had to replace our wood floors 
because of that dishwasher leak over Christmas.  
No, not going to do that. We would just pay it out of our pocket. 

So the day of reckoning comes. 
The body shop calls and says our car is ready to be picked up. 
So while I stayed home.....Den took back the rental car.
Of course he told them straight up what happened and showed them the damages. 

Here's the shocking part. Den was told there would be no charge for the rental car damages. 
He was thanked for his honesty but told "the damages did not cover sufficient area of the bumper to be reported." 

I know, we could hardly believe it either.


Karen Mortensen said...

That is awesome. I am glad that everything worked out okay for you.

Sue said...


I think you were blessed for your honesty.


Scrapally said...

Tithing blessing. So happy for the happy ending!

Heather said...

Yay! Love surprises like that! Garages are wonderful but evil. I scraped the side of our minivan earlier this summer pulling into ours. You have to make a sharp 90 degree turn after you pull into the driveway to get into the garage and I cut the corner too close. I felt dumb. :(

grandmapeg said...

First of all, I don't know how I missed the posting of your car accident! I knew nothing about that. I'm glad it was just some scratches on your car. I can understand about your garage door coming down on the back of your car. We have to be so careful about the same thing with our cars and the garage door. That is so nice about the rental company not charging you for the scratches on your car.

Anonymous said...

Honest people are rewarded. You guys are the greatest in my book.

Richard said...

You may be the only living soul with an emotional attachment to your homeowners policy....

the Rich girl said...

That is so crazy. But in a good way! I'm glad that it all worked out so nicely. That easily could have turned into another headache for you guys.

Plus, I think it's wonderful that the rental place was honest with you guys. I mean, they could have said, "Oh, that will be $150 [or whatever]." And you wouldn't have been the wiser. So, good on them, too.

Kris said...

Oh wow!!! So interesting!

Lisa said...

Interesting. But, it also seems that the credit card companies often tell us "waive" insurance as the card somehow covers the rental. Never had to use it so not sure if it applies but that's something to consider if that ever happens again.

Mar~ said...

What a great thing to have happen! I love hearing stories that have happy endings! Seems like there are a lot of nice people in this one little story. :)

Becky Jane said...

Her little freeze is too darling! Love the pink fuzzy slippers!