Monday, August 15, 2011

Remote control blinds anyone?

Have any of you heard of remote control window coverings? Or maybe they are called motorized window coverings. I'm sure they must have them because what do people do if they have windows with blinds or shutters way up high that they need to open or close?

Lowes didn't have any.

We did find some online at Home Depot,
but just to put the motorized part in the blind, it cost an extra $212. per window!
There must be a better way.

And no, Den and I don't have any high windows in our home. But we do have one that is difficult to get to. And while it wouldn't bother me to just keep the blinds open round the clock, he thinks we are suppose to close them at night. But neither one us wants to climb into our bathtub twice a day to twirl that little attached stick.

While looking around Home Depot who should we run into but my sons' middle school drama teacher, Ron Martin!

I had not seen this man in 8 years! Since he and his family moved to Newport Beach to teach drama there...rather than here where he taught 3 of my 4 sons. I told him he has aged really well. This picture does not do him justice. Unfortunately his very sweet, adorable wife Leigh Ann wasn't with him. DARN. I would have loved to have seen her.

Running into Mr. Martin (as we use to call him) made me want to go down Memory Lane a little.
Like this one with him and Logan back in 8th grade.
Something about the lights in the room were suddenly turned off by someone,
and all these unknown girl lips landed on Logan.
I was not too happy about it.

And McKay, a few years later, also in 8th grade at a drama ceremony.
That's McCabe Martin on the far right. Can't remember the girls' names. McKay, do you remember?

I will always miss our monthly dinners with the Martins and the Karsevars.

Back to the blinds...anyone know about the motorized kind?


Karen Mortensen said...

I was friends with Leigh Ann. I remember when they met and how she felt about Ron. It was so cute.
I have heard about those blinds. Never had any though. It would be nice to have some though.

Sue said...

Don't know a thing about motorized blinds, but Memory Lane is one of my favorite streets!


Ammy said...

Oh my goodness....I didn't even recognize him! He (and Sheila Maskovich) was the director for the little play we did at church "The Locket", a Looooooong time ago.

McKenna Heasley said...

McKay is looking very swanky in that picture! They had those blinds in the Encore in Las Vegas where we stayed during our honeymoon. We thought they were so cool!

Heidi Garvin said...

The girl on the left is Christie Dawson and the girl between McKay and McCabe is Jamie Rodriguez. :-)

Grandma Honey said...

Hurray for Heidi! You remembered! Dennis would say, "I bet a dollar to a donut that McKay does not remember the names of those girls." He's probably right.

McKenna...He does look a bit swanky doesn't he? :)

Ammy~ I remember that play you did, The Locket. And somewhere around here I have a picture of all of you.

Holly Decker said...

wow! so many great things happening for you and your family! congrats on the new grandbaby... how fun! you seem like such a wonderful grandma- i am taking notes and hope to be the same.
thanks for your offer (sorry it took forever to get back to you) to record the Duggars... that would be awesome! how shall i send you my address?

Lisa said...

Man had me going. I thought you were going to tell me that Ron Martin had the perfect solution since he's a drama guy who probably had to co ordinate remote control type scenes! LOL

I MIss the Martins too. I didn't know them well, but I always felt a strong peaceful presence with them in town. I'm glad he relocated to someplace cool like Newport Beach!

I bet if you asked Bro Shaw he could tell you. That guy is an electrician genius I hear. A PhD in it. You would think with remote controlled ceiling fans, they certainly would have something for blinds. What about those cool blinds that look sheer so they let light in but no one can see through them?